Amidst the very busy and hectic schedules, Outlander seems to find a way in order for them to film their much anticipated 4th season. This is not new to those who’ve followed this epic show as they have displayed many times before the passion they have for their work. This is the same with their legion of fans, many describe them as “obsessed” due to their undying support for their favourite stars.

Series of episodes being finalised?

Previously, it was revealed that the show will be filming The Drums of Autumn in three major cities. Namely, Inverness (Scotland), and in the US North Carolina and Boston.

Earlier today, crowds of fans were made aware they have been filming Season 4 in the historic village of Fife longer than expected. Members of the cast also shared on social media how stunning the place is.

Arguably the biggest star on that set is Sophie Skelton or better known as Brianna MacKenzie. She is also accompanied by none other than Steven Cree who plays Ian Fraser Murray. As for Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser(Sam Heughan) as shown in their most recent trailer, they are just enjoying their time together while being optimistic about the “American Dream”. On a side note, an executive producer of the show thought that Caitriona and Sam look good as a couple. They have developed an amazing chemistry and that is the main reason why Outlander is on top of the food chain right now.

Best actor and actress in a drama series

Caitriona Balfe might have the smoothest transition from a runway model for Dolce & Gabbana, H&M and Victoria’s Secret, to one of the best leading ladies in a series. Adding to this collection, the 38-year-old Irish actress bagged Best Actress award at the IFTAs in Ireland a week ago.

She received and dominated the votes in that category. What about Sam Heughan? Well, he won the best actor in the same Cine Award. However, a majority of fans think that Sam is being overlooked by the press and other major awards. For the past three years, the ultimate hunk showed his brilliance and passion about his work. Hopefully, with season 4 on the horizon, Sam Heughan will prove to everybody, particularly the members of the media, that he is worthy of the Best Actor award.

Best Drama Series

Currently, Outlander has a total of 26 Awards and they have no plans in stopping. In the most recent CineAward, Diana Gabaldon’s masterpiece just added another gem. Now it might not be as big as the Oscars, Golden Globe or People’s choice award but it just shows to everybody the magnitude of fandom the show has.