Love Island's Megan shocked and upset viewers last night when she chose Eyal as her new beau, during the re-coupling ceremony. The newest female islander to enter the show, Megan caught the eye of both Model Eyal and Doctor Alex, and fans were left anxious to see who she would choose after Tuesday night's cliff-hanger episode.

Another islander to come under the spotlight during the second re-coupling of the series was Rosie. Many viewers of the show wondered if she would forgive Adam for talking about their relationship to other islanders after she had confronted her partner in front of everyone.

On Wednesday's episode of "This Morning" a poll was conducted that asked; Who's the biggest snake in Love Island? The results of the poll were a 50/50 split between Adam and Eyal, who were both the most anticipated choices in last night's episode.

Megan picks Eyal

The Independent wrote "That in her great moment of truth Megan went for Eyal and not Alex shocked no one and disappointed everyone," which summed up the views of many fans. Alex who has been the underdog of the series and has quickly gained popularity from fans who want to see him loved up.

Megan's entrance onto the show gave Alex a third chance at love after being rejected by both Samira and Rosie previously. Fans had hoped that she would be the one who would finally give the Doctor his chance at love on the show, but instead, she stuck to what she knew and picked Eyal.

But it did not look before Megan was in the beach hut, after having second thoughts about her decision. The Daily Mail wrote how Megan told the camera "I'm praying another girl doesn't come in here, because I want them both to myself. I'm still unsure in my head but obviously, I'm not going to tell the boys."

Fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment, 'Love Island Reactions' tweeting "Megan is mugging of Alex big time.

He deserves way better than her anyway, no one should have to be second best to Eyal." Her decision has also made Megan one of the more unpopular islanders of the current series.

Rosie and Adam

During the first re-coupling ceremony Adam had chosen to couple up with Rosie, a decision that had sent Kendall home, and left many fans feeling as though he was untrustworthy.

He then went to Megan to ask why she had not chosen him to go on the triple speed date, to which an uncomfortable Megan expressed how she did not wish to be the third girl he had been with.

After hearing about the conversation from Megan, Rosie felt hurt and upset but she was not going to let Adam disrespect her. Rosie made sure to have the other islanders close-by before she approached Adam about his betrayal, the shocked Adam tried and failed to deny his actions.

Rosie showed Adam she was not a girl to be messed with and refused to let him get away with playing dumb. When Adam revealed that he had also spoken to Jack about his relationship with Rosie, she was less than impressed and fans hoped that she would ditch him at the re-coupling ceremony.

However, Niall's departure for personal reasons meant that there was now an equal number of boys and girls on the island. Unfortunately, Rosie was the last girl to pick but that did not stop her from getting in one last dig, "I want to re-couple with this boy because clearly, he's the only one left."

A boy plan

Not satisfied with Megan's choice of Eyal, Adam and Charlie decided to hatch a plan to get Alex some alone time with her. However, the plan was not very well thought out and the highlight of the episode was watching the boys trying to distract Eyal with ideas ranging from questions about stars to bracelet sniffing.

While alone with Megan, Alex put his cards out on the table and made it clear to Megan that even though he fancied her, he would not sit back and wait to be her second choice.

Fans of the show were proud of Alex's new-found confidence, after originally being one of the quieter islanders during week one.

Adam and Charlie eventually made their exit from the awkward but hilarious situation and heading to the beach hut beaming about their successful plan. But was it a success?

Sneak peeks for tonight's episode show a confrontation between Eyal and Alex, and Eyal's discovery of the boy's plan for Alex. Islanders are also given the task to vote for the least compatible couple on the island, the couple will the most votes will then be sent packing. Who do you think should go?