Warning: This article contains spoilers for iZombie Season 4 Finale.

iZombie showed its fourth season finale on Monday 28 May, shaking things up in their storyline and killing off some characters, as usual. But this Season Finale also included some happy couples, which aren't very common on the show. Clive and Dale finally got their story's happy end with their private wedding ceremony and Dale turning human from eating Isobel's brain, the zombie cure.

Ravi and Peyton reunited after Peyton's unsuccessful trip to Washington and their relationship was left on good terms by the end of the episode.

The couple even dropped a funny little scene which included a Star Wars quote, Ravi's dorky attitude and the couple saying 'i love you's to each other.

Of course, not everyone had a happy end to their romantic endeavours. Levon was killed off, adding another to Liv's dead boyfriends tally. Liv and Major had a fake romantic getaway on the episode leading to the season finale, however, their relationship strained when Major's kidnapping/saving Liv plan caused Levon's death. Major's new position as the head of Filmore-Graves only added salt to her wound, reminding her about the organisation that killed her boyfriend.

Season finale killed many of the undead

Levon was not the only one written off from the series.

Fourth season's zombie prophet Angus McDonough died somewhere mid-episode along with many of his zombie followers, getting killed while leading them. He was a recurring character since Season 2, making it to the main character list by Season 4. Although Angus was an abusive and absent father, his death left Blaine in a somewhat grieving state.

Chase Graves was another character who died in the season finale. He was killed by Liv, who used the guillotine on him during the fight for her escape. He was a recurring character in Season 3 and 4 as the head of Filmore-Graves. He even had a one-night stand with Liv, which she later regretted.

Season 5 is the final season

It was already announced that season 5 would be the last season of iZombie when the season finale aired.

iZombie's executive producer Rob Thomas was interviewed by TVLine about the season finale and the fifth season. Mr Thomas stated that he was very happy to be able to come back in a new season and that he doesn't know for certain what the new season will bring since the writer's room hasn't opened yet. However, he said that they wanted to work on Liv and Major's relationship as well as their new roles as the Renegade and the head of Filmore-Graves.

For the ending of the series after the fifth season, Rob said that it wouldn't be like the Sopranos ending. "It won’t just be like you’re watching the show and then someone just hits stop in a random place. And I say that actually really liking the "Sopranos" ending, but I suspect that we’re going to get more resolution than that."