Sunessis De Brito who previously lived in London is currently vacationing in the United States and her visit has not gone unnoticed. According to a report by onmogul, she was spotted at the 2018 Oscars and attended a workshop by acting coach Sal Landi.

She is currently visiting friends in the United States and seems to be in love with California. This does not come as a surprise as she grew up in the Brazilian coastal town of Santos.

De Brito also flaunted her flawless sun-glossed looks at her friend Hannah Anhari's latest fashion show in L.A, this past week.

So who is this beautiful model?

The Italian-Brazilian beauty started her career as a dancer and was soon scouted by top agencies in Sao Paulo, such as BRM Models and Ten Management. Since then she has travelled to several countries on modelling assignments, including Panama, the United Kingdom, and other European countries, winning several beauty contests.

She was featured on famed California based brand, Reef's calendars worldwide, also holding the title of Miss Reef Brazil and International, for several years.

Sunessis started her TV work in 2007

Isstories notes that In her native Brazil, she is a model and TV personality who started her work in television in 2007 when she hosted the program "Brazil’s Guide" on the popular Rede TV Channel.

It's a program that featured the most interesting things to do in Brazil.

Ms. De Brito became instantly famous during an episode of the reality show "Tough Game" on Globo TV Channel, the largest TV Channel in Brazil. In the game, she competed for large amounts of money by wading into pits filled in rats, snakes, and roaches on live TV.

For two years beginning in 2009 she was a major part of the vastly popular TV program, "The Best of Brazil," where she appeared in sketches every week. She played a vast array of characters from a policewoman, the girl next door, and a bride, to well-known characters such as Cinderella, Audrey Hepburn, and Jeannie The Genius from the American TV show, "I Dream of Jeannie." ("The Best of Brazil" is similar to "Saturday Night Live" in The United States.)

Sunessis De Brito also played a supporting role in the TV series, "Mismatches," which were entertaining stories about young people searching for love.

She played the role of Jade, the upstairs neighbour of the lead character whom she had a quick one-night affair with, after being seduced by his culinary skills. According to isstories she also starred in two critically acclaimed Brazilian films, "The Incredible Isaura Garcia" and "I want to say Goodbye."

Her latest Film project "Two Lives" was filmed in London and directed by Andy Amadi, Onmogul noted.