The final live show of 'Britain's Got Talent' 2018 took over our screens last night with a three-and-a-half hour show that was jam-packed with talent from start to finish. As solo host Dec took on the pressures of the 'BGT' final with ease and received praise from all of the judges at the end of the show.

The acts last night were a variety of singers, dancers, comedians and acrobats - with each act trying to make the most of their performance and win the final of 'BGT.' All eleven of the acts received positive reactions from the crowd and the judges, which added to the electric atmosphere in the theatre last night.

Comedians take top spots

It was a tradition-breaking night, when the top two spots were given to two comedians, who traditionally fail to have success on 'BGT.' The final three acts were; Donchez Dacres, Robert White and Lost Voice Guy, but it was Lost Voice Guy who became the 2018 winner.

The show received "2.5 million votes" which Dec announced shortly before eliminating the acts that had not made the final three. Lost Voice Guy won with 21% of the votes, while fellow comedian Robert White followed close behind with 17.2% of the votes.

Robert White seemed disappointed that he had not won, but also happy to see another comedian finally win 'BGT,' as they both set a new path for comedians to audition for the show in the future.

As for Robert White's future, he told Dec "I'm going to be a full-time teacher in September," when it was announced that Robert had taken second place.

The Geordie comedian was thrilled to have won the show, the judges took to the stage to congratulate the winner, with Simon telling him "You so deserved this." His family and friends also took to the stage, shortly after he was announced as the winner to hug and praise him.

Lost Voice Guy

Many wonder what is next for the first comedian to win the show; he has won a spot at 'The Royal Variety Show' and £250,000, and a surprise prize that Simon Cowell has teased since the first semi-final. Although the Simon's secret has yet to be revealed, many viewers are anticipating something great for this years winner.

The Geordie comedian, whose real name is Lee Ridley, stated during his final act that if he won he hoped to get a Geordie voice to replace the one he uses now. He has also brought disability into the lime light, much like Robert White did with his Asperger's. They both used their performances to have people laugh with them rather than at them, and educated people on their disabilities.

The two comedians have both had to overcome many things to get themselves to the 'BGT' semi-finals and final; their efforts were rewarded by the voters. Both acts beat out singers and dancers who typically win the show by a landslide and proved that having a disability should not hold you back.