The third 'BGT' semi-finals continued the new tradition of things going wrong, with a member of the production making an accidental appearance during one of the acts. But once again, the show went on without any major hitches, and Dec took his position as solo host in his stride, once more.

The show brought in 1.3 million votes to decided which two acts would make it to the 'BGT' finals. Once again, the night was filled with a variety of singing, dancing, magic and comedy. Among those singing and dancing was Dec himself, who entered the theatre last night singing "There's no business, like show business," and handing out high fives and kisses as he passed audience members.

Talent takes over again

The first act up last night was 'Acrocadabra,' an acrobatic magic group that wowed the audience once again. Their unique combination was impressive, and included fire breathing, flips and a disappearing boy. The judges were impressed by the group, giving them positive comments for their performance. But viewers at home noticed an appearing member of the production team failing to leave the stage in time, as the curtain was pulled from the Perspex box he stood frozen in place.

Singing a variety of gospel tunes, the 'DMC Gospel Choir' performed next. Their passion for the music and their faith really showed through their energetic performance. The judges were impressed, with Amanda Holden commenting "It makes me want to go to church." A view that many others would have shared shortly after the performance as well.

More magic came from the third act of the night when 'Marc Spelmann,' who was 'Ant and Dec's' golden buzzer, came to impress the judges once more. Although his live show magic trick did not bring tears, all the judges agreed that is was a step-up from his audition. The act once again involved Marc's daughter Isabella, who some would argue is the real magician.

'Mr Uekusa' took his act to the live stage next, with his unique take on a strip show. His act split the judges, with Amanda giving him the second buzzer of the semi-final shows. Although both Simon Cowell and David Walliams enjoyed the act, the female judges did not feel the same way.

Swing singer 'Alexsander Mileusnić' impressed for a second time with his rendition of 'Blackstreet's' "No Diggity." The audience and judges were impressed with his ability to give a modern-day song a twist of swing.

Alexsander looked comfortable on the stage as if it was his long-time career, and not a semi-final performance.

Musical comedian 'Robert White' was the sixth to perform and had everybody in stitches from beginning to end. Robert who has Asperger's Syndrome recognises his awkwardness, making jokes about it that only add to his comic ability. His use of the keyboard, also shows of his musical talent and impressive comedic timing.

Another dance group 'Rise Unbroken' then performed for their place in the 2018 'BGT finals. The dance group is inspired by one of their own dancers Holly, who was a victim of the 'Manchester Attack' and has fought to overcome her injuries. All the dancers in the group are talented, and the incorporation of wheelchairs makes their act unique.

Welsh boy, and Amanda's golden buzzer 'Gruffydd Wyn' ended the show last night. He sung an opera song called "Nelle Tue Mani" with a new-found confidence, that he originally struggled with during his audition. Gruff's friends were once again in the audience to support him, and the judges praised him with positive comments.

Third semi-final results

The final three in last night's semi-final were 'Robert White,' 'Marc Spelmann,' and 'Gruffydd Wyn', the act with the most votes would go straight through to the 'BGT' finals. It would then be left to the judges to put the next act through, in the event of a unanimous decision, the decision would be left to a public vote.

It was keyboard comedian 'Robert White' who was the first semi-finalist, from the third show to make it through to the 'BGT' finals.

That left 'Marc Spelmann' and 'Gruffydd Wyn' to listen to who the judges would chose to go through to the next round. Both acts had won their place in the same finals by receiving golden buzzers in their auditions.

All four judges found it hard to make a decision with Simon telling Dec "This is not an easy decision," and Dec had to push him for his answer. In the end there was another tied decision, and the performers' fate was left to a public vote. It was 'Gruffydd Wyn' who won the public vote last night and became the second golden buzzer act to go through to the final.