"Ant and Dec" have built up a large following over their successful thirty-year career together. The Geordie best friends have made a career from simply being themselves. They have many awards and accolades under their belts including OBEs and an NTA Landmark Award. The dynamic duo have been successful at whatever they put their hands to, and all with a clean record.

So, many fans were shocked when in 2017, it was revealed that Ant McPartlin was suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction. According to Birmingham Live, he sought help, and fans were pleased to see the continuation of the much loved 'Ant and Dec.' The revelations of Ant's struggle came as a surprise, but everyone showed him their support.

However, his sobriety was not to last. OK Magazine reported that in March 2018, McPartlin was under the influence, with much greater consequences than before. This time he was caught drink-driving, after being involved in an accident. A month later he was fined £ 86,000 and given a twenty-month driving ban.

Where is Ant?

According to Heart UK, Ant McPartlin is currently undergoing rehab to fight his addiction. Once again, he has the support of the duo's large and loving fanbase. He was, of course, part of the BGT auditions, that were pre-recorded before the incident. Saturday night saw the last of McPartlin's appearances, marking the start of Declan Donnelly working alone.

Fans were able to enjoy the comedic duo's famous banter during the auditions.

This prompted the conversation about what will happen to future "Ant and Dec" hosting positions. Although many were sure that Donnelly would host alone, it led some to wonder what other television duos could replace them.

What will happen with their other hosting positions such as "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" has yet to be decided, but it is hoped that they will both return.

An arrest under his belt and the scare of losing his career may be just what McPartlin needs to help him fight his addiction for good this time.

Dec continues the hard work

Declan Donnelly has stuck by his best friend throughout his struggles. He continues to show his support by taking on their commitments on his own. It shows the respect the pair have earned over their career, with ITV allowing Dec to continue without Ant.

Could this mean that Ant will return?

The live 'BGT' shows will not be Donnelly's first time hosting solo. After McPartlin's first rehab stint, it was left to Donnelly to finish the last two weeks of live shows for "Ant and Dec's Saturday night takeaway." He received positive reviews for his skills and commitment to his career. However, the live shows for "BGT" will be a lot longer.

Many fans worry that the much-loved banter between "Ant and Dec" that comes along with "BGT" may be lost. But Donnelly does have support behind him, and it is hoped that he will succeed. It is also hoped that Donnelly's hard work, will mean that McPartlin will be able to slot back in when he recovers. But fans are still left wondering; is this the end of "Ant and Dec?"