Let's face it Dwayne Johnson is never going to be a Shakespearean actor but what he does he does well. Appearing on the Graham Norton Show promoting his new blockbuster 'Rampage' The Rock as he was known in his wrestling days held court.

Alongside him on the sofa was Naomi Harris also appearing in Rampage and Sherlock actor Martin Freeman. Rampage is about a giant gorilla dealing with giant dogs and alligators alongside primatologist Johnson. These creatures have got larger because of human interference much like 'Planet of the Apes". Moneypenny actress Naomi Harris plays Johnson's sidekick in the film.

Harris complete with an American accent (though she is British) must be used to playing characters in action films from her work in Bond.

Johnson was asked by Norton about his alleged wrestle with an alligator and Johnson confirmed this. Also, a clip was shown from 'Live and Let Die' another Bond connection where Johnson's father fought with Sean Connery. Johnson's father came from Samoa and Dwayne Johnson is proud of his Polynesian ancestry.

Martin Freeman was on to promote his film about investigating the paranormal with Johnson and Freeman bantering about their movies.

Schwarzenegger and Stallone

It has to be said that when Dwayne Johnson was wrestling his way through life Arnie and Sly were the forerunners to actors like him.

Throughout the 80's and 90's, their movies were big box office hits and drew in crowds by the thousands.

Like Johnson today their films were all about action adventure and the supposed rivalry between the two of them was legendary. However, off-screen they were friends and together with actor Bruce Willis opened the famous 'Planet Hollywood' restaurants.

In many ways, Dwayne Johnson's career parallels that of Arnie where both Johnson and Schwarzenegger did something else for a living. In Arnie's case, it was as a bodybuilder and for Johnson it was wrestling. Both made the switch successfully to playing tough guys in Hollywood action/adventure films.

Highest paid actor in the world

Dwayne Johnson aged 42 must be the most successful actor alive right now. He seems to be a leviathan when it comes to his work rate and his fitness. You cannot switch on your tv without seeing this Polynesian - American on your screen. He seems to be a permanent fixture on Graham Norton's sofa and might as well take a job as co-presenter on the show.

Mr Johnson has eyes on a political career to put another feather in his cap. Both Republican and Democrats fancy his chances as running for President. Will Johnson go up against Trump in 2020 time will tell.

If Mr Johnson did become President it would probably be the second time a non-European-American has won. The first time being Barack Hussein Obama who referred to himself as a black man.

But was, in reality, of mixed heritage with a black Kenyan father and a European-American mother. In Mr Johnson's case, he will be the first Polynesian-American to occupy the White House.

Of course, all this is speculation but watch this space for more news of Dwayne Johnson's remarkable career.