Thousands of Jews stood outside Parliament the other day, some on the side of Corbyn others certainly not. That bogeyman that keeps coming back to haunt Jeremy Corbyn Anti-Semitism has reared its ugly head again.

Jewish groups have written a letter to Corbyn saying "Enough is enough" in what they see as rampant Anti-Semitism. Many of Corbyn's supporters see the allegation levelled against him as a smear campaign. Why now when we are so near the May elections are allegations of Anti-Semitism cropping up?

Are Mr Corbyn's followers like Momentum and Christians on the Left imagining things or are they onto something?

Certainly, politics is a dirty game and perhaps Corbyn's opponents have had a part in the Anti-Semite allegations to sabotage Labour's election chances. Corbyn's enemies know he has made a connection with the people and this scares them.

Anti-Zionists being shut down?

There are many Anti-Zionists who are opposed to Israel not only for what it is doing to Palestinians but also because they hate Jews. These are the real Anti-Semites that hide behind being Anti-Zionists to mask their real agenda. These Anti-Semites are a mixture of the extreme left and right and bring genuine Anti-Zionists into disrepute. Genuine Anti-Zionists are not Anti-Semites and do not oppose the existence of Israel or hate Jews.

They merely wish to see genuine peace between the two sides and see Zionism as a form of fascism.

It seems some Zionist groups want to shut down genuine Criticism Of Israel and label any criticism as Anti-Semitism. These Zionist groups support Israel no matter what it does to the Palestinians. They are made up of Christians who feel Israel is a sign of the second coming and should not be criticised or hardline Zionist Jews of the Netanyahu variety.

Either way, genuine people who agree Israel has the right to exist but oppose its actions against Palestinians have to be careful. The Zionists have a large lobby throughout the western world, particularly in the US. Many politicians it seems are afraid of them and will want to appease them.

Jews opposed to Israel's treatment of Palestinians

There are many Israelis such as The Peace Now Movement who want a genuine and lasting peace with the Palestinians. Their idea is along the lines of the Oslo Accord with both Israelis and Palestinians living in secure borders as allies and friends.

There are also many Jews living in the diaspora around the world opposed to Israel and it's almost fascistic like actions towards Palestinians. They hate the Jewish nation to be seen as an oppressor and oppose the barrier wall on the West Bank, oppose the illegal settlement on the West Bank, the treatment of Gaza etc.

So let us remember that not all Jews are Zionists and wish to live in peace.