Okay, so Rana has been doing a lot of unimaginable things as of late. The series of events that is happening right now is the result of her actions and it seems that it will continue for a long period of time. Rana does have impulsive behaviour and mostly, it doesn’t work her way. So what are we going to expect in the next episode of Coronation Street?

A recap is a must for us to grasp what is happening right now in this episodic soap opera. Last Monday, Rana was put in a peculiar position but she has to make a quick decision to win back her family.

Rana’s mum has to go to Pakistan to visit her dying sister. So the obvious thing Rana had to do is to accompany her mother. Rana’s father is made up with the incident and still showing no remorse about his decision.

Rana’s world is in complete chaos

Fresh from the episode last night, her good deeds to regain her mother’s trust was again tarnished. After some period of time hiding her relationship with Kate (Faye Brookes), they were finally caught out. Now, this is the part where everything went silent. Not because of them being caught but the delicate part was they needed to portray a lesbian love affair. Faye Brookes also stated that she was expecting some backlash on the forbidden romance. However, the majority of the fans who clearly understand the situation did like their portrayal.

Faye Brookes's idea of having a baby in the series

Also, she suggested that Rana and Kate should have a baby. There's a variety of reasons on why Faye Brookes is pushing for this and hoping that she and Bhavna Limbachia (Rana) should have a baby angle on the show. First, she discusses the importance of the fragile storyline that she and Limbachia are working on.

The LGBT community that they are representing is not hard to depict but surely not easy to understand. Breaking barriers and expressing one's love to the same sex is often not accepted by the public and this is her way to show that there is no problem with it as long as the parties involved are happy.

Complex relationship

The only problem is, Rana is still legally married to Zeedan.

If things will happen according to plan, it will still create chaos around Rana’s family. The public image that her family has tried to protect over the years, especially her father, is something that shouldn’t be stained. Hopefully, Rana will find a way in order to make everything work, she has missed out on happiness on a number of occasions already and probably, this is the right time for her.