Khloe Kardashian of the famous Kardashian family has become a mother for the first time after giving birth to a healthy Baby Girl yesterday on 12th April in Cleveland. The 33-year-old star had her first child with NBA celebrity Tristan Thompson. The news of the birth of the baby was confirmed by Khloe's mum Kris Jenner in an Instagram post. According to reports, the father of the baby Tristan was present for the birth despite several allegations of cheating against him.

After the announcement of the birth wishes and congratulations started pouring in from everyone.

Ryan Seacrest who is the executive producer of Keeping Up With The Kardashians also congratulated Khloe in his tweet.

The entire Kardashian family seems quite overwhelmed with joy at the birth of the little girl. kim kardashian also tweeted her sentiments and told twitter that she was present at the time of the birth. She said that the baby was gorgeous.

Kim Kardashian gifted her sister a $5K Noitte Fatata custom made baby basket from Beverly Hills baby boutique Petit Treso and a $7.5K care package containing things like organic bath products and blankets.

Allegations against Tristan

Khloe's partner Tristan became involved in a scandalous controversy when he was spotted in the company of other women before the birth of his daughter.

He is accused of being spotted kissing other women and cheating on Khloe. The couple announced their pregnancy in a post on Instagram showing Khloe's belly being cradled in Tristan's hands.

Despite there being loads of rumours and speculations against Tristan, it is stated by sources that Khloe is just consumed by joy after the birth of her baby girl and it is the only thing she has on her mind right now.

According to sources she has already forgotten about the cheating allegations against her boyfriend.

Khloe overjoyed after the birth

The source says that she is feeling nothing but happy right now and is head over heels in love with her daughter. Nothing else matters to her.

Her happiness does not allow her to be upset over the infidelity allegations.

She is so happy that her strong and healthy baby girl has arrived that she can't even think about being mad at Tristan. In her bubble of love and happiness, she has forgiven Tristan for the sake of her daughter and is ready to move on with things.

Reports also suggest that Khloe is already preparing to move back to her hometown LA instead of staying in Cleveland where her boyfriend lives. Her team is preparing to fly her and the baby back to LA via private jet.