Traveling to Brazil might be seen as a challenge due to a lack of security and the language barrier. In order to help you make the trip easier here are a few tips for you to make the most of your dream South American holidays.

1) Buy a pre-paid sim card

It is important to have access to the internet when traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language. Besides using Google Translator you’ll be using your phone to check museum times and the reviews for that cute restaurant you spotted from the other side of the street. Usually, the provider called VIVO has the best reception.

2) Download Uber and other ride apps

Unlike in Europe, Brazilian buses are unreliable, don’t have an accessible timetable or route map so Uber will come in handy after a night out. If you prefer to get a cab, make sure you get one from a licensed taxi stop or download the app “99 Taxi”.

3) Keep emergency numbers on speed dial

It’s very important to have local emergency numbers on speed dial when traveling abroad in case something goes wrong. Here are the numbers for the Brazilian police, ambulance, and fire department:

Police: 190SAMU (Ambulance): 192Fire department: 193

4) Be cautious when on a Metro

Rush hours can be a nightmare when you need to use public transportation. Don’t leave your stuff unattended.

Cell Phones in your jeans back pocket will make the day of a pickpocket. Keep your bags always where you can see them. If you’re wearing a backpack, carry it in the front of your body. Crossbody bags will make your life a lot easier.

5) Don't follow sat-navs or GPS

If you’re renting a car and counting on relying on GPS or sat nav be very careful.

Apps such as Google Maps and Waze don’t consider favelas and dangerous streets or places. Before leaving the hotel show the person at the front desk the route the app is showing you to make sure it’s safe.

6) Don't walk around alone

Avoid walking Around Alone, especially at night. Loners are an easy target and they very often go home without their wallets and mobile phones.

7)Try to fit in

About Brazil. com advises visitors to try not to look too touristy. When you show you aren’t a local you’ll be exposed to criminals who will think you’re an easy target.

8) Keep mobile phones in your bag

This might be frustrating to hear, yet it is the most important tip in this article. When you have your phone out, especially if it is the latest iPhone, you draw a lot of attention to yourself. Try and keep your phone hidden away, as much as you can, otherwise, there’s a chance you’ll go back home empty-handed.