This winter has been very special. I finally got the opportunity to visit one of the countries on my bucket list, Sweden. Even though the trip was delightful, travelling in the winter to a place much colder than the UK had some challenges. I learned how to make the most of my stay in Stockholm and am going to share some tips so next time you decide to visit the land of the Vikings in the cold days, you’ll know what to do.

Choose the right coat

It is quite likely to get snow this time of year so choosing the right coat is essential to make sure you’ll be able to go outside and stay warm.

My advice is an impermeable coat with a “furry” inside.

Hop On Hop Off

Hop on Hop off is a big chain of tour buses. They include all the tourist attractions in several different itineraries and you can choose which attractions you want to see. I have seen these busses all over Europe, but I wasn’t expecting to see a Hop on Hop off boat (they didn’t even have one in Venice). I was surprised by the option of travelling by boat and of course, that was how I travelled from one museum to the other. Stockholm is an archipelago, and the boat will allow you to see places you would never see on a bus.


The days are very short this season and it starts to get dark at 3 pm. Leave all the shopping for late afternoon so you can enjoy the city and touristic attractions in the daylight.

Transport Card

Stockholm has an integrated public transportation system, like the Oyster Card in London, and when you buy the day pass, you can use the metro, bus and trams. It’s good value for money.

Flat Apartment

If you’re not travelling on a budget, I suggest you stay in a flat instead of a hotel. One of the things I love to do when abroad is going to grocery stores and see what they have there.

It’s a way of learning what people really eat on a daily basis in that country, and I always make sure to stay somewhere that has a fridge, so I can try some local food.


The Swedes have the habit of eating clean. It’s not hard to Find cafes that have a vast selection of natural sandwiches, salads, fruit, juices, hot chocolate, and of course, coffee.

In case you’re not in the mood for a restaurant where you have to wait to be served, a café is a great option to have a quick meal and head out the door to enjoy the day outside.

Get Lost

Now that you’re prepared for the cold and have left your shopping for after 3 pm it’s time to wander around town without a specific destination. Forget Google Maps and start going to streets that grab your attention. The best trips are the ones that give you the freedom to discover the city in your own way. By doing that you’ll have a lot of stories to tell, exclusive pictures and will get to know parts of town tourists usually don’t get to see.