It's been quite a winter this year as February stood for a wide range of happenings. At a global scale, the Winter Olympics in South Korea saw some interesting developments within the neighbor from the North. On the other side of the globe, Europe had one of the warmest winters in years, and it seemed that there can be nothing to turn this around.

A few days ago, the news of a massive Siberian front heading to Europe emerged and, all of the sudden, it was winter as usual. For a ''Game of Thrones'' fan, this winter is a pale consolation given the fact that one must wait until next year to see how Westeros will face its own winter threat.

In the meantime, this so-called 'Beast From The East' is giving a hard time to almost everyone currently in Europe.

The real winter is here to conquer Wester... I mean Europe

From London to Rome and Munich, the last week of February started with a massive snowfall, blizzard and freezing temperatures way below the average for this time of the year. Now, if you're a 'game of thrones' devotee, you may say without being sarcastic at all ''Brase Yourself, winter is coming (or is here already).''. And, with a tiny bit of frivolous satisfaction coming down your spine, you can retreat into your crib and get on the same page with the weather outside.

And, what better way to do so rather than rewatching some of those epic jaw-dropping scenes that created the cult.

Two pieces of ice

Every single individual who got caught by the ''Game of Thrones'' virus should have a short list of his or her favourite scenes.

Using a scale purely based on the epicness degree, two scenes pop up in an instance. Below, you can watch the first pick which consists of a freshly reanimated dragon that can spit icy blazes out of his gut.

For most viewers, the scene of Vyserion being used to tear down the Wall is the climax of the entire series. But, there is more. A second epic scene pictures a highly controversial and over-debated moment- the Night King uses massive chains and thousands of his zombie soldiers to drag Vyserion's carcass out of the water.

The third pick is a bit different but equally important

''Game of Thrones' has been on the air since so long that some may have forgotten how all started. Season 1 seems like a distant memory from almost seven years ago.

Probably the moment that created the feeling that no one is safe, Ned Stark's beheading was a launching pad for a seemingly out of the mainstream TV show at that time. Winterfell losing his leader led the entire Westeros into a fretfulness state that eventually boiled up into a ravaging war.