After making its official debut in 2013, Peaky Blinders has quickly become a highly-acclaimed TV series. Apparently having no orientation into the mainstream ground, this BBC production established its own way of delivery. And, a few years later, it stands at the top of the genre.

Exploring the outlaw environment from the 1920s' with a special focus on the streets of Birmingham, United Kingdom, the show has created some of the most spectacular TV series characters in years. Thomas Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy, is by far the most prominent one as the Shelby family's leader has been the pivotal point of the narrative.

Thomas Shelby stands for the self-made man concept

An individual of modest roots, Thomas Shelby served in the British army during the World War One. While in France, a long history of battles in the infamous trenches caused him some severe emotional injuries. But, the source of pain is also the place his strength is streaming up from.

Right after the war, the whole of Europe was under the threat of a communist-based contagiousness - and so was England and Birmingham by extension. It was a corrupt environment that the Shelby family used in its favour.

Tommy Shelby had a meteoric rise and in a matter of several years, he went from the Small Heath area to a global stage.

An interesting part of the series was the confrontation between Tommy Shelby and Alfie Solomons.

A mesmerising character that was brilliantly embodied by Tom Hardy, a worldwide superstar and also an Oscar winner. Tommy Shelby and Alfie Solomons delivered some tense moments of the series and the final play was also a brilliant outro of their entanglement.

Thomas Shelby entered into a new chapter of his evolution

Season 4 had quite a finish to present as out of nowhere, Thomas Shelby ran for public office.

Winning may have been just a formality but the outcome gives Shelby legitimacy and it opens him a new horizon.

Some may think that the Shelby family will sit back and enjoy this new status but this might be their biggest challenge. The political stage of that era was nowhere near if compared to today's perception. Let's not forget that back then, the political assassination wasn't as outrageous as is today.

And, holding a public office makes Thomas Shelby a bigger target for all of his enemies. Most likely, those demons from the past will come back to haunt him while the present will deliver new challenges as well. Season 5 may also be the last one of the series which increases the possibility of Thomas Shelby being killed.