His Royal Highness Prince Harry today announced his engagement to American actress and model Ms Meghan Markle. One of the key questions raised by the announcement was how would Ms Markle be addressed once the couple ties the knot?

Why not Princess Meghan?

The date for the wedding is as yet undecided but likely to be sometime in the Spring of 2018. The couple will probably decide to tie the knot before Harry's sister-in-law Kate Middleton has given birth to her third child. The feeling is that although Kate will be heavily pregnant it will be easier for her rather than dealing with a newborn as well as her other two children.

Once the wedding has taken place, how will Meghan be addressed? One thing is certain is that she won't be Princess Meghan. The actress is not of royal birth and therefore like Kate Middleton she cannot be Princess Meghan. Even the prince's own mother Diana, who was affectionately known as Princess Diana, was, strictly speaking, Diana, Princess Of Wales. Ms Markle may, however, be allowed to incorporate the term 'princess' into her title and be known as HRH Princess Henry of Wales. What is also expected is that The Queen will make Prince Harry a duke after the wedding as she did with William. Harry would most likely become HRH the Duke of Sussex, with Meghan then being entitled to call herself HRH the Duchess of Sussex.

The royal couple

The couple first met in London in July 2016 after meeting through mutual friends. The relationship blossomed even though it was conducted over distance for most of the time. The prince regularly flew back and forth to Canada to meet Ms Markle while they were dating. The news that they were officially a couple broke in October 2016.

Since that time they have been seen together at the Invictus Games that Harry created several years ago.

Despite the high profile of the prince's latest partner, it has not been plain sailing for the couple. In November 2016 when Harry made the public announcement that they were a couple, he also took the opportunity to condemn how the press had treated Ms Markle.

In a statement, he claimed that "there had been a bombardment of nearly every friend, co-worker and loved one in her life" and he was reportedly deeply upset that he was unable to protect her. The prince's mistrust of the press is understandable given the harassment his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales suffered at their hands.

In addition to her acting and modelling work, Ms Markle is Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada which campaigns for better food, education and healthcare for children around the world. She is also known for campaigning for gender equality. The prince's mother Diana would no doubt be extremely proud of her son's choice for a wife.