Time flies pretty past, there is no doubt about it. And, here we are as March has come and, when it comes to the tennis field, its avid fans are eager to get a taste of some big events. Sunshine Double is about to start as the North American outdoor hard swing will reach its peak with two Masters 1000 events in Indian Wells and Miami respectively.

But, the overall picture of the ATP circuit doesn't look that good. it was a plague-like wind that put most of the game's superstars on the sideline with a flurry of injuries making the headlines. Among them, Andy Murray, the Brit tennis superstar and the former world No.

1. Already on a recovery trend following a hip surgery, Murray seems in a good spot as the recovery process is ahead of the initial schedule

Andy Murray and the path to a successful comeback

It's a rather common thing to say that a player needs to take one step at a time when returning after a long break. But, for Andy Murray, the situation might be presenting itself a bit different. After all, it's all about a window of opportunity and how a player will be able to make the most out of it. It's just the way things work. In a sport like tennis where the differences are so small at the top, those little details are making a huge difference. Take a look at Roger Federer and the way he has been able to put himself in a winning position without facing many of his biggest rivals.

He simply saw the opportunity and went for it.

From all the predictions, Andy Murray will be back in the competitive area just in time for the grass court season. And, given its recent history on this surface, it's the best time of the year to start over. But, in order to give himself an initial boost, a rapidly-earned success would be the path to follow.

At the moment, there's a huge void to be filled as the old guard of tennis stars is slowly fading away.

Things have changed drastically over the last year

Having Roger Federer at the top of the ranking is perhaps the biggest change at the top of men's tennis. Returning from what would be a one-year hiatus, Andy Murray will have to taste the change.

The usual top 10 of the last few years have suffered significant changes and it would be interesting to see how quickly Murray will adapt to this new status-quo.

Basically, he will turn to tennis after having wasted an entire year. It must have been quite a blow to leave the big stage just when it seemed that his reign was getting some deeper and powerful roots.