HBO recently officially announced the airing date of the hit TV series game of thrones through their twitter handle, Season 7 of the series will be airing on 16/7/17. HBO also released a teaser trailer for the 7th season of the series on their various social media channels. The internet has gone agog with the release of the trailer by the entertainment channel. The teaser trailer managed to whet the appetite of viewers without revealing anything.

The Teaser Trailer

The trailer begins with Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, and Daenerys Targaryen all walking towards an unknown destination respectively.

With each step they take the scene becomes more familiar; Cersei is walking through a passageway in King’s Landing, Daenerys through a passageway probably in Dragonstone – her ancestral home – and Jon through a passageway in Winterfell.

Their movement is almost in sync as they enter their respective throne rooms in King’s Landing, Dragonstone, and Winterfell. The ladies climb some steps to get to their thrones; the three characters finally sit on their thrones in their kingdoms.

The trailer ends with Cersei exhaling, forcing a whiff of cold air through the room leading us through the eyes of the night king. Spiralling out of the eyes of the night king and his face, the trailer ends.

Key points from the Trailer

From the trailer, season 7 might focus on the lives of the three characters who all lay claim to the Iron Throne. However, the battle for the Iron Throne will be between Daenerys and Jon because nemesis will eventually capture up with Cersei. Aside from the battle between the three major characters, viewers will be hoping to see a Stark family reunion.

Bran Stark seems to have inherited some cool new powers and may be the only one capable of stopping the night king but he is yet to master his abilities. Viewers will be looking forward to Bran controlling one of the dragons and walking again.

Game of Thrones will end next year with season 8 and there are two major battles expected before the end of the show – the battle for Westeros and the battle against the night king.

There is no doubt that more details and spoilers will be revealed as the show draws nearer.