As we all know, the series that has brought to us as the Tournament of Power is about to end. There are approximately three episodes left and fans are still clueless as to how TOEI Animation will conclude this epic saga. Will Goku be the sole winner of the tournament since he was able to master ultra instinct quicker than the Gods? Or will Goku sacrifice himself and take Jiren with him out of the arena?

Powering up is never this easy

To better understand what is happening right now in Dragon Ball Super, fans might need to double check the last few episodes.

First, the immense power up that is happening to multiple characters. Dragon Ball Super is entirely different comparing to Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball GT. It seems the powering up to another form is as easy as killing Yamcha. When Goku fought Caulifla or Kefla, the warrior from Universe 6 transformed from Super Saiyan 1 to Super Saiyan 2 without any problem. Same goes with Kale - better known as the girl version of Broly.

Goku’s transformation was expected but not on the pace that fans are witnessing right now. It was stated before by the angels that it takes years to master or perfect ultra instinct but Goku was able to do it in 20 minutes. Now, there are two reasons behind why Akira Toriyama or TOEI Animation suddenly went in that direction.

First, they don’t have ample time to prolong the series due to they are going all out on their movie.

The end is here

Second, Jiren The Gray is so strong that Goku needs to have the ability of the Gods quickly just to eliminate him. Several fan pages went pandemonium when Goku attained ultra instinct and surprisingly mastered it.

Goku was able to land a clean punch to Jiren that cost the Pride Trooper member to catch his breath. However, Jiren has also the innate capability to adapt and adjust to any given situation.

The title itself for episode 130 says it all, 'An Unprecedented Super Showdown!!!' Several YouTube channels such as ExperGamez, Anime Live Reactions and Geekdom who are exceptional with regards to their theories are also shocked with the way things are going.

Now there are still some lingering questions on the position that Frieza is in right now. As stated, there is a possibility that Goku might pull off a hat-trick like what Gohan and Android 17 did. There's also a theory that is being proposed by the Dragon Ball community which is to create a separate series about the story of Jiren because he has gained a lot of fans due to his mysterious and powerful persona.