There are a couple of epic storylines that are not to be missed this week in the world of soap drama. Things are about to blow up in an explosive way - both leading to massive consequences for the characters involved. But, while the Barlows ' troubles in Corrie and Eastenders' Michelle's sordid affair are keeping us very entertained, in Weatherfield, Sally ends up becoming the victim of an evil troll who plays a sick prank on her. Elsewhere, there's a shock death set to shock the Hollyoaks village and there's even more heartbreak for poor ol' Laurel in Emmerdale...


The shocking truth about Michelle's relationship with teenage youngster, Preston is finally exposed this week - as the Fowler family finally discover the truth on why she fled America. Michelle is in turmoil as Preston plays games with her and Bex - making Michelle a participant in a bizarre love triangle with her own niece. However, a dramatic twist this week reveals the truth to the whole of Walford, and now Martin and Bex knows exactly what sort of woman Michelle actually is. Scheming Preston knows that him being with Bex is driving Michelle crazy. Her only option is to try to get Martin to stop their relationship from Bex and Preston to stop it becoming too serious - so tries to talk Martin into banning his daughter from growing close to Preston as he tells her to just be careful.

Meanwhile, Michelle's worst nightmare is about to come true. While it's clear that this secret can't remain under wraps for very long, producers are keeping tight-lipped from spilling the details of how the Fowler's learn the truth about Michelle's illegal relationship.


The Thomas family face a horrifying new development in Ashley's health problems this week, as he starts coughing up blood.

Laura and the family have only just recovered from the ordeal of Ashley going missing from his care home. The doctors warn them that this is a serious matter and that Ashley is in real danger. So, as Laurel tries to pull the family together to support her husband, will they have to face the fact that this could be the beginning of the end for Ashley?

Coronation Street

Sally is subjected to a horrifying ordeal by a vicious troll this week - as she's convinced that her breast cancer has made a return. The attack comes after Sally joins forces with nemesis Jenny to promote Underworld's new range of mastectomy bras on the radio. Jenny recruits Sally to give a cancer's survivor's view on the product which she's happy to do so. But after the show airs, Sally takes a call that chills her to the bone which leads a string of stalk horror. Could she be a victim to a very sick prank, or are things about to take a dark turn for the worse?


It really is a case of till death do us apart for newly-weds Ryan and Amy this week, as the copper finds his wife dead in the flat!

The tragedy comes about soon after the new Mr and Mrs Knight have said their vows in front of their loved ones in a beautiful wedding ceremony. But sadly their happily-ever-after just isn't to be as this tragic storyline sparks the beginning of an epic who-dunnit mystery.