There are big things to look out for next week in the world of soapland. While it's the aftermath of Corrie's Ken's epic fall, the question on everyone's lips is 'who dunnit?'. It's not yet confirmed who's the culprit but could this be the start of a brand new, gripping plot twist? Who knows. Elsewhere, there is tragedy heading for the Carters in Eastenders as Shirley returns to Walford but could there be some more heartbreak just around the corner for her. It looks to be another great soap week with a whole load of drama...


The Carter clan prepare to welcome Shirley home from prison - but they won't feel the same as when she left them.

Her son Mick has just left the Square on a mission of mercy to help his daughter, Nancy, so it looks as if Shirley will have to face the death of her mother Sylvie without his support. Stars Linda Henry and Luisa-Bradshaw-White, who play Shirley and Tina were among the EastEnders cast members who were recently spotted filming scenes rumoured to be Sylvie's funeral , following her tragic demise. They exclusively revealed all to Inside Soap magazine: "It's been one terrible blow after another for the Carters , and Sylvie's passing is sure to knock them for six. "Tina especially will take the news hard. She's been doing everything she can to take care of her mum lately". Also spotted on location were actors Ted Riley (who plays Johnny) Shona McCartney (aka Whitney) and Natalie Cassidy - who is believed to be reprising the role of Sonia to the sombre episodes to be by her partner's side.

Coronation Street

Battered Ken Barlow wakes up in a living nightmare as he discovers from the police that he's been the victim of a would-be murderer - and that the culprit is most likely one of his nearest and dearest! After being found at the bottom of the stairs, Ken visits hospital with no memory of what happened. He's shocked when the detectives fill him in on their investigation and reveal that they're convinced that someone intended to kim him.

The news leave the Barlow patriarch sick to the stomach as he wonders which of his family members could have committed such a heinous crime. "My first question to producers when I found out about this storyline was, are you writing me out?" laughs William Roache who plays the Weatherfield legend as he exclusively told Inside Soap magazine.

"But as soon as I found out that Ken would recover, I was thrilled!" he continued to tell.


Jailbird Aaron is finally released from prison - but he could be in for a nasty shock from partner Robert. He's been counting down the days till he could return home to his loved ones, but what Aaron doesn't know is that Robert has broken their vows already. He made the mistake of sleeping with former lover Rebecca after a row with Aaron about the drugs he was using in Jail - so now the boys have much bigger problems. "Robert only has one goal in life - keeping Rebecca quiet". Shares the anonymous source of Emmerdale to Inside Soap magazine. "He knows he did something wrong, and that it is something Aaron couldn't forgive.

As far as Robert is concerned, it was just a stupid lapse of judgement - all he has to do is to convince Rebecca to toe the line as well".


Maxine's future has been thrown into disarray now that Adam's ex Darcy is back on the scene- and the mother is dealt another blow when she's told her daughter, Minnie needs an emergency operation! Adam recently came to poor Minnie's rescue when he realised she was having difficulty breathing, rushing the little'un to hospital. However, Minnie is required surgery in order to fix the problem, and although worried Maxine knows how much Adam cares for her daughter, she has no idea where his heart lies - and decides not to share her worries over Minnie.