It has been a permanent fixture on our TV screens for over 30 years but is popular daytime soap "Neighbours" about to disappear forever from the UK telly schedules?

Our favourite Australian neighbours have been giving us plenty of daytime drama since starting out back in 1985. At its height, it was attracting huge audience figures of nearly 20 million viewers. It also propelled the likes of Holly Valance, Natalie Imbruglia and of course, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan to stardom. The wedding of their characters, Scott & Charlene is still considered as the favourite episode in Neighbours history.

Now it faces an uncertain future as contract talks stall between Australian producers and Channel 5, which airs the show in this country. So, can a resolution be found?

Iconic characters and themes

"Neighbours" has always provided viewers with fresh, young talent who we instantly enjoy watching but of course, there are iconic characters who have become part of the furniture in Ramsey Street.

Long-serving characters include Toadfish Rebecchi, played by Ryan Maloney and the popular husband and wife team, Susan and Karl Kennedy. Since the Kennedys arrived in 1994, Susan and Karl have been married, divorced, married again and had to deal with illness, affairs and plenty of medical drama. Whether it is a sprained wrist or a leg amputation, Dr.

Karl is the man to see at Erinsborough General Hospital!

Alan Fletcher, who plays the doctor recently spoke to an Australian radio station and dismissed fears of the show being axed. He said: "Our relationship with our broadcasters at Channel 5 and Channel Eleven (Australian network) couldn't be better and couldn't be stronger."

There's also Stefan Dennis who plays the evil Paul Robinson.

After starting out as one of the original cast, Stefan left "Neighbours" in 1993 and featured in other programmes such as "The Bill" and "Dream Team." He returned to the show in 2004, coming back in spectacular fashion as the Lassiter's complex burned down. Even 13 years on, he's still the man no-one wants to double-cross on Ramsey Street.

And there's the iconic theme which has had several remixes over the years;

Can a deal be reached?

It was the BBC who first put "Neighbours" on our UK television sets, airing a new episode at 1.45pm and repeating the programme again at 5.35pm every weekday. It was often one of the first programmes you'd want to watch when coming in from school or college.

Channel 5 became its new home in February 2008, running the show alongside its Australian rival, "Home and Away." However, talks over a new deal have stalled between the UK station and producers of the show, Freemantle Media.

It will never attract the dizzy audience figures of the late 1980s. However, alongside "Big Brother," "Neighbours" is still one of the most popular programmes in the Channel 5 portfolio.

It maintains a strong UK fanbase, despite declining ratings in its own homeland which saw the show moved from Channel Ten to sister digital channel Eleven a few years ago.

Channel 5 is understood to be very keen on keeping the show but they recently got taken over by a new American group, Viacom. The new owners seem reluctant in signing a new deal which has plagued the show's future into doubt. Considering that ratings figures see "Neighbours" outperform "Home and Away" regularly, it would be surprising for Viacom to pull the plug on a show that would be missed if it departs.

It could end up on another channel but with Channel 4 focusing on "Hollyoaks," the BBC not interested having moved "Neighbours" on nine years ago and ITV unlikely to move programmes around to accommodate another soap, the future would be bleak should a new agreement not be reached.

Petitions have already started to keep the show on-the-air. We all have favourite memories of the show and "Neighbours" has produced plenty of dramatic births, marriages, deaths, love stories and disasters. Everyone needs good neighbours and hopefully, a resolution will be reached.