Oh, we all love a good soap whodunnit, particularly, the 'Who pushed Ken Barlow' mystery in "Coronation Street." So, who could it be? Is the culprit finally uncovered? Peter Barlow gets himself into deep trouble this week when the cops come knocking on the door to arrest him. (Surely, this can't be right?). In "Emmerdale," the village is mourning the loss of Ashley Thomas in the aftermath as Laurel tries to remain brave at the funeral. Meanwhile, Michelle is seeking forgiveness from the square in "EastEnders" after her illegal affair with teenager Preston became known to Walford.

Is Martin ready to forgive his sister? Elsewhere, in the "Hollyoaks" village, Esther is in real danger as Liam uses her to get revenge on Grace.


With her life in tatters, Michelle needs her nearest and dearest more than ever this week - but can she manage to persuade her family to forgive her? Michelle's relationship with teenager Preston has seen her lose almost everything - and after the truth was dramatically revealed in the Vic recently, she came very close to losing her life, too! With nowhere else to turn , the Fowler woman is desperate to make amends - but will anyone be willing to listen to what she has to say? While she tries facing up to her family, Michelle is also battling to land herself a teaching job, desperate to earn some money so she can at least putting down roots again.

She's still struggling to stay away from the booze, though - and when Sharon finds her in the Vic having had one to many, her worries for her best mate grows and they both end up arguing. While Martin isn't going to offer her a cold shoulder to cry on, Michelle later bumps into her brother's wife Stacey. Taking pity on her sister-in-law, Stacey chats to Michelle while the pair plant flowers together, and in a bid to help repair Michelle and Martin's relationship Stacey invites her around for a family dinner.

Will Martin be convinced to give his sister one last chance?

'Coronation Street'

Calculating Chloe makes Peter's life even more difficult this week - when she convinces the Police to arrest him for assault. In spite of all Chloe's meddling, Peter and Toyah are miraculously still together and looking to their future together, as they both head to the IVF clinic together for the harvesting of Toyah's eggs.

Unfortunately, their happiness is turned upside down when the cops arrive to question him over Chloe's cruel claim that he assaulted her. Although Peter has told his loved ones about the visit he paid to Chloe on the night of Ken's fall, the potential charges become more serious when Chloe confirmed that the assault took place the night before. Can Peter convince the police that he didn't push his father Ken down the stairs?


The residents of Emmerdale come together this week, as tragic Ashley's life is celebrated. The former vicar - who had been living with early onset dementia - passed away quietly at home last week with his loved ones by his side. When the day of his funeral arrives, his wife Laurel is surrounded by those to whom he meant so much to.

It's a day that devastated Laurel wasn't ready for. Of course, Laurel and Harriet aren't the only ones who find the day devastating as there's also Ashley's eldest daughter Gabby, who blames her mum Bernice for not being allowed enough time to say a proper goodbye to her dad. Later, when Ashley's brave son Arthur steps up to read a poem for his dad in the graveyard, it all proves too much, and the little lad runs away. But despite this huge sadness, everyone who knew Ashley is determined to do right by him. Once the funeral is over, Laurel must continue facing up to the reality of life without her husband. Will she be confident to cope, if only for the sake of those who need her?


Grieving Liam is more determined than ever to make Grace pay for his lover Eva's death this week - and kidnaps Esther to take his revenge on his sister!

Grace and Esther's relationship has been a messy one, thanks to the lies of Esther's jealous girlfriend, Kim has been feeding her about her love rival. But in spite of the bad blood between the women, Liam knows that Esther means the world to Grace - which is why he uses her as a pawn in his quest for vengeance. Grace is besides herself with worry over her missing friend, and initially accuses crazy Kim of stealing her away from the Village, meanwhile, trapped Esther has come a long way since suffering her brain injury last year, and manages to hold her own in the face Liam's intimidation antics. Liam then reveals to Grace what he's done with Esther and demands a whopping £50k from her if she ever wants to see her friend again! With Esther's future hanging in the balance, can Grace save the love of her life?