Sure to make TV viewers roll their eyes and huff with grief, TV producer extraordinaire Ryan Murphy is producing yet another anthology series for FX, about five minutes after his latest one “Feud” premiered to warm reviews and a huge audience rating.

New show is a period piece

The new show is called “Pose” and it’s a period piece set in New York City during the mid-1980s, generally just taking snippets of the city’s culture of that time, between the high society Manhattan types and the downtown beatnik artistic types, and the clashes they faced throughout the decade.

The premises of these Ryan Murphy anthology series seem to keep getting vaguer and vaguer, but he’s pulling in millions of viewers and, by extension, millions of dollars, so FX are pretty much just leaving him to it.

While FX declined to comment on “Pose” when Variety reached out to them, the announcement of the show’s development included the fact that Murphy will direct the first episode and write it with his old writing partner Brad Falchuck and a new guy named Stephen Canals. The “American Crime Story” producers Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson will be executive producing “Pose,” already taking full advantage of their recent deal with FX Productions.

“Pose” is currently casting actors for its cast.

According to a Deadline report, FX has ordered Murphy’s new show to a full series that will premiere sometime next year. However, according to Variety, the show has not yet received the official greenlight from FX and is just in the development stage right now, with a pilot order soon to be made (fingers crossed, Ryan).

Murphy’s reputation gives him an advantage

Murphy’s long-standing reputation for making hugely popular Television, not just with his new anthology shows (which revolutionised television, paving the way for “True Detective” and “Fargo” and the like) but going back even further to the days of “Glee” and “Nip/Tuck,” will put “Pose” in very good stead for production in the sea of TV projects in development.

If “Pose” goes to series, Murphy will have the tall order of providing five brand new seasons of television every year, which will be difficult, especially given how heavily he likes to involve himself in the creative process. A slight lightening of the workload may come if “Scream Queens” is cancelled, which it likely will be, since the viewers it didn’t lose during season 1, it certainly lost during season 2.

Still, Murphy will be kept busy by not one but two seasons of “American Crime Story” airing in 2018 alone, the second season surrounding Hurricane Katrina and the third concerning the Versace murder, and he’s already planning the Monica Lewinsky scandal for season 4. “Feud” has already been renewed for season 2, which will revolve around the rivalry between Charles and Diana, and “American Horror Story” has been renewed for at least two more seasons, which will bring it up to season 9.