Actor, bodybuilder, former “Celebrity Apprentice” host, and living, breathing legend arnold schwarzenegger has taken a troll’s mean and offensive comment about the Special Olympics on Facebook and spun it into “a teachable moment,” because he’s awesome.

Comment in response Schwarzenegger’s congratulation video to the Special Olympics winners

The troll posted the comment in response to a video that Schwarzenegger had posted this week on his Facebook page to congratulate the champions of the Special Olympics World Games that were held a few days ago in Austria, which coincidentally happens to be Schwarzenegger’s home country.

Accompanying his video message, Schwarzenegger added a caption, saying of the Special Olympian athletes, “These guys inspire me!”

Schwarzenegger’s video received more than 400,000 views and attracted hundreds of comments from fans, mostly in admiration, but not all. One in particular was so disgustingly ignorant and offensive that Schwarzenegger took the time out of his busy day to respond to it. The troll referred to Special Olympians as the R-word and implied that the Special Olympics aren’t even needed in the first place. The mean commenter said that the main Olympic Games are intended for "the best athletes in the entire world" to get into competition with each other in order to find out which of them is the very best.

He then added, in a move that denounces the Special Olympics as a whole, "Having r*****s competing is doing the opposite!”

Schwarzenegger ‘knows how to CRUSH trolls’

A later commenter backed Schwarzenegger up, saying that he now has one more reason to love the "Predator" star: “He knows how to CRUSH trolls.” The “Escape Plan” star’s response to the troll called his comment “evil and stupid,” but said that he would not “delete it or ban (the troll)” before adding “(yet)” in parentheticals, giving his reason that this is “a teachable moment.”

Schwarzenegger promised the troll that the Special Olympians have “more courage, compassion, brains and skill - actually more of every positive human quality” than him.

He told the troll that he can “learn from them, and try to challenge yourself, to give back, to add something to the world,” or alternatively, he can remain “a sad pitiful jealous Internet Troll who adds nothing to the world but mocks anyone who does," which he says is simply down to "small-minded jealousy.” He added that “all you really want is attention,” and that if he continues to be a mere troll, “no one will ever remember you.”