Camila Cabello

Former Fifth Harmony member, Camila Cabello has received an unexpected gift from a fan, a song dedicated to his love for her.

Camilla herself has collaborated with other artists such as the amazingly talented Shawn Mendes, to produce the ballad 'I Know What You Did Last Summer'.

With the help of some fans on Twitter, the singer found a video on YouTube about a song named after her by super fan Evan Blum. The song has apparently been online since last October.

Within the song, the fan states his undying love for his girlfriend by awkwardly comparing her to the star herself, Camila Cabello.

Throughout the song, Blum repeats his feelings about both his girlfriend and the singer.

Camila's number one fan

Blum makes some quite romantic but super cringe statements about the star. Some of which include "The world is a girl group/ and my favourite member." He continued, "Like Camila Cabello / You brighten my day-O/ I'm losing the words to say-O".

Camila was quick to respond to the fan by saying why she didn't get why his girlfriend was upset by the video. She event went on further to compliment Blum saying, "I think your song is dope".

Looking on the bright side, the fan seemed very happy that the video could slip into Camila's hands, which has now gone viral.

So far, the reggae track has made headlines, both for the right and wrong reasons by some even making jokes about the super fan.

In the song, he even compares himself to heartthrob singer Justin Bieber, by saying that he is the Jewish version of him.

Awkwardly for the fan, his actual girlfriend didn't see the funny side of it. Her reaction was evident at the end of the video when she questions him saying, "I'm just a little confused. Was it about me or Camila Cabello?".

Blum hesitantly insists that it was about her, replying "It was about you". Then later, unbelievably adds Camila Cabello to the end of the sentence. It if were me, I would be quite concerned as to the fact that a personal love song was clearly made for Camila.