Katy Perry performs at 'Brits'

katy perry's live performance at Wednesday's Brit Awards featured a stage full of miniature houses, plus two hilarious oversized skeletons of President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

The singer performed her latest single 'Chained To The Rhythm' with rapper Skip Marley. Intrigued viewers spotted the connection with Trump and May through the way the skeletons were dressed. The outfits were of a replica of what both leaders wore when they met each other after the president's recent election victory last November.

Perry has been known for making political statements on stage, most recently at the 2017 Grammy Awards in her homeland America. At her performance at The Grammy's, when she debuted her latest single, an image of the US Constitution was presented on screen.

The singer has also voiced her opinion on stage about her hatred of Trump, saying to her fans and the rest of America that 'Love Trumps Hate'.

Other spectacular performances came from chart-topping Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, diva's Little Mix and rock band The 1975 who had a very unusual and interesting performance.

Katy Perry controversy

Katy Perry was also recently in the spotlight for making a dig at fellow singer Britney Spears, making reference to her mental state ten years ago saying "that is what's called taking care of your mental illness".

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest, who asked about her break from music and how her time off was, the singer replied "Fantastic. And I haven't shaved my hair yet". This was clearly a reference to Spears' 2007 mental breakdown.

Her comments caused absolute outrage on Twitter with a '#KatyPerryOverParty' trending on the social network.

Some people were so affecting by her comments, with some saying they lost 'all respect' for the singer. She later defended he comments by saying it was a 'joke'.

Her latest singer 'Chained To The Rhythm' is reported to be about rival singer Taylor Swift, although she denies all claims. The two have been on an ongoing rivalry with Taylor Swifts hit single 'Bad Blood', featuring Kendrick Lamar being based on Perry.