Whilst appearing on Nova's Smallzy Surgery, the 23-year-old said 'It will definitely happen, of course!" One Direction took a hiatus in 2016, focusing on their own individual ambitions and projects. Since then, both Niall and Louis have produced their own music which have featured in the charts.

One Direction to Reunite

UK boy band One Direction formed as a five-piece group back in 2010, on the UK version of The X Factor, where they came in fifth place. Although, they did not go on to win the talent show, they were the one of the biggest artists to come out of their series and to take the music industry to a whole new level.

It wasn't long when Zayn left the band due to supposed stress, when they decided that they would 'take a break, dedicating their last song 'History', released back in November 2016, to their journey and time group have known each other since. Whilst talking about their formation on the famous talent show, Niall added, "It changed our lives, it was the biggest part of our lives".

Those who followed the boys through the start of their music journey, will know that they auditioned as individuals on the show, before later being put together as a group as the judges felt they would be stronger.

One Direction - a year on

Since their hiatus, the members of the group have enjoyed the freedom of being solo artists, with Niall himself releasing his first single, 'This Town', which performed well in the Uk Charts, peaking at number 9.

Similarly, Louis also released his own single 'Just Hold On' featuring American DJ Steve Aoki. The song performed extremely well in the UK charts, peaking at number 2. Louis is now working with an up-and-coming girl band, which he discovered. Liam, however hasn't been seen producing any music so far, as he is focusing on his new life with Cheryl and their baby.

Since their hiatus, Harry has been taking acting roles and recently finished filming 'Dunkirk', which he took played the role of a soldier. The boys have achieved a lot since their hiatus, but hopefully they will come back together as one to produce even bigger projects.