It might be hard to remember but there was a time when Taylor Swift was just another promising, innocuous young star of the country music. In a matter of few years she dethronised every other female pop star and established herself at the top, consistently spurring out hit after hit. She is undeniably a talented, consummate songwriter of catchy pop songs and just as evidently, the best of the bunch at managing the social network fame and the drama surrounding it. Take the whole Kanye West feud: from the infamous interrupted speech at the VMAs to the controversy following the video for Fame, where he portrayed her and other celebs as naked mannequins; it was the best free publicity any famous person would ever dream of.

Katy Perry and Demi Lovato are also among her frenemies, both hinting at a certain degree of fakeness in the America's sweetheart. But just like with her famous ex-boyfriends, for every friendship that fadesTaylor Swift always has a new one that's blossoming. Her video for Bad Blood is a clear example: allegedly a shade to Perry, it features dozens of cameos from her other celebrity pals. The most exclusive and powerful squad of friends in Hollywood today is composed of a bunch of A-list women, all united in the name of Taylor Swift.

The main squad

Selena Gomez

The pair met backstage at a Jonas Brothers' concert and it was friendship at first sight. They have been going strong for years but according to Celebuzz Selena Gomez’s alleged drug use and mental instability are having a badeffect on her relationship with Swift.

Selena Gomez is currently the most followed person on Instagram, with more than 99 million followers.

Cara DeLevigne and Gigi Hadid

Providing the fun in the squad: Delevigne pulled a prank during Taylor Swift‘s Fourth of July weekend that was so credible someone actually called the police. The model-turned-actress is reportedly the one who brought her friend Gigi Hadid into the squad.

Lena Dunham

The most unlikely member of the team, the actress and creator of Girls befriended Swift through a series of tweets on Twitter, before eventually meeting her in real life.

Jaime King

The friendship with actress Jaime king has been growing steadily, with Taylor recently becoming the godmother of Jaime's son Leo Thames.

Camila Cabello

The singer from Fifth Harmony is one of the newest members of the team along with Empire's actress Serayah McNeill. The three have been recently spotted together on some nights out.

Joining the squad, leaving the squad

Blake Lively, Emma Watson, Ke$ha, Ruby Rose and the Haim sisters are just few of the other members of the gigantic gang of Taylor Swift. On another front, actress Emma Stone and TayTay used to be best friends for years but the present situation is unclear since there are no recent pics showing them together. Kendall Jenner is also rumored to have ditched the squad to support Kanye and Kim Kardashian in their feud with Swift. The website Buzz60 has been claiming for sometime now the squad is all a lie, a mere promotional tool for the singer and all of its affiliates.

According to T-Swift: "My friends and I text every day. Being a huge group of girls who love each other, we know where everyone is.” Herever growing number of BFFs and the physical time presumably required to maintain any of these relationships make one wonder whether Taylor Swift has discovered the formula to ubiquity or she's hiding a secret twin. How many close, famous girlfriends one can possibly have?