President Trump on 'fake news'

The American president has increasing voiced his opinion about the media being 'dishonest', 'fake' and spreading 'made up' news about him.

Since his controversial election last year, Trump has become the victim of 'fake news'. Speaking today at a CPAC speech, he said "I'm against the people that make up stories and make up sources".

Donald Trump has widely criticised the media for their 'lies' and threatened those who create the media, warning them "I wan't you all to know that we are fighting the fake news".

President Trump Tweets

As we all know, president Trump is a popular Tweeter, constantly Tweeting about what's on his mind, controversial or not. He made another dig at the media by tweeting "fake news media... is the enemy of The American people".

By Tweeting this, the President was now not only speaking about himself with regards to the media, but the whole of the American nation where the majority voted for him.

Clearly, President Trump is concerned at the fact that, in his eyes, the media are able to spread news about anything even if it appears to be untrue.

Throughout his long-running campaign against the unpopular Democrat Hilary Clinton, he has constantly referred to how 'dishonest' the media was, for not portraying him fairly and said that they are making him look like the 'bad guy'.

However, the coverage of Donald Trump was huge and created widespread publicity worldwide. More than Hilary Clinton and possible more than the former President of the United States, Senator Obama.

No matter how unpopular you think President Trump is, he still has a way of creating news and is one of the most popular men in the entire world, which was surely boosted by his controversial, powerful campaign which he went on to win, even though he caused a major uproar regarding his comments about women, disabilities, race, immigration and discrimination.

Since his recent realisation of 'fake press', there has been a number of investigations regarding 'fake news' and the media.