If you are an avid fan of the X Factor like I am, you would have seen the judges shocking decision to send Gifty-Louise home. I am still fuming about this decision by the way - but we will come back to that later.

Honey G

Firstly, correct me if I am wrong but I thought the X Factor, as a TV programme, was set up to find the UK’s biggest Singing talent. Now, a certain Honey G does not fit under any of those two words! She raps, yes! But “talented” is not a word I would use to describe her rapping. I would say she is making a mockery of rap culture.

However, not in her eyes as she describes herself as (…wait for it) the “UK’s top rapper” (insert shocked face emoji’s). I do not know what planet she is living on and who gave her the audacity to make such a claim, with such confidence. So you are now better than the likes of Stormzy, Skepta and Professor Green? (to name a few)...GIRL BYE!

To the people actually voting for her, I have no words for you. You are the individuals encouraging her to utter such nonsense! The fact that they have a short #HoneyG segment on the X factor every Saturday is a bismal – so Honey G is now a movement?

How many talented acts are we going to lose whilst Honey G stays? I could go on about this forever, and hopefully I will not have to for much longer, if only people realise they should stop voting for her to stay in a singing competition!

Back to Gifty

I did not think that she would be in the bottom three. However, I was not shocked that she was, as I didn’t think the song she sang (Fifth Harmony – Monster) was the best choice for her. It was clearly too big of a risk and that has consequently ended her place in the competition. Simon blamed himself for her departure and Gifty also stated on Good Morning Britain today that she knew she was going home after her performance on Saturday.

The Twitter Aftermath

After watching the X Factor result yesterday, I took to Twitter and literally saw everyone talking about the show. Some expressing their shock as Gifty was eliminated, others believing that Nicole Scherzinger and Sharon Osborne voted tactfully and certain individuals talking about Gifty’s facial expression as she found out she was leaving the competition.

Some even branding her arrogant and a sore loser - which I personally did not agree with one bit. Do you really expect some to be laughing or smiling once they realise they have been eliminated? This is the second time she’s been on the show – so that in itself proves how much singing really means to her. I’m really gutted to see her leave!

My thoughts

I love a good old soul or R and B voice and with both Relley and Gifty, I won’t be hearing that anymore. Which is a big shame! I’ve always heard stories of how the X Factor is fixed and it’s only now that I am starting to believe this.I read a story a few weeks ago that the X Factor producers had actually put 4 of Diamonds together, with that being said, it is no surprise that Nicole and Sharon voted to save them.

This just goes to show that if you have a favourite in the competition make sure you actually pick up the phone and vote for them – don’t wait till they get put in the bottom three.

I think they should scrap the whole bottom three and lifeline vote as well. Ryan has been in the bottom three for the past three weeks and has been saved due to the lifeline vote. I’m sure for the past three weeks he has been in the bottom two from the main vote at least once. But as he is from Scotland, he would have the backing of a whole country – so why would he not be saved through the lifeline vote?

Onwards and Upwards...

Unfortunately, this is a competition and someone has to leave every week. Unfortunately one of my favourites has just left. I really do hope this is not the last we hear of Gifty. I believe that with good guidance she can do really well in the music industry.