5 movies to watch on Netflix before they leave the platform in April 2021

5 Movies to watch before they leave Netflix in April 2021 (Image source: Piqsels)
5 Movies to watch before they leave Netflix in April 2021 (Image source: Piqsels)

Make sure to catch these amazing movies that are leaving Netflix this month

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Netflix brings a lot of news content every month, so it is obvious that many movies and shows also leave the platform every month. Let us look at the top five movies that are leaving Netflix in April 2021 and which are worth watching at least once.


'Carol' - Leaving Netflix on April 19, 2021

This is a 2015 romantic period drama which is a must-watch if you love period dramas. The movie is based on a 1952 novel titled "The Prince of Salt" by Patricia Highsmith (Republished as Carol in 1990). Also, if you are a Sarah Paulson fan, then don't miss this one. (Image source: StudiocanalUK/YouTube)


'Django Unchained' - Leaving Netflix on April 24, 2021

This Quentin Tarantino classic starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, and many more stalwarts is not missed. It is a western classic where the character of Django is a slave who frees himself to join a group of bounty hunters. If you have already seen this one, it's time to watch it for one last time on Netflix. (Image source: LeBreton/YouTube)

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