Celebrity Big Brother” star - William Ray Norwood Jr, or Ray J to his fans, has been forced to quit the “Celebrity Big Brother” house after running into severe complications with a tooth abscess, after just one week, for which a contract worth £810 000 was negotiated.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star says wouldn’t like to sue

When questioned about whether or not he would sue for the million dollar contract he was quoted as saying “'I'd never like to do that because I'm a producer as well and I like to be on the same page with everybody but this is just not fair and if I have to take those precautions, I will.

I don't even care about my tooth - put me back in the house and let me work, this isn't right.”

A face time video released by the R&B star claims he blacked out on his way to the hospital and that he is going to sue the producers, claiming that they are not allowing him back in.

Tooth fairy brought the man down

Ray, who was facing eviction from the house after being nominated by a few of the house residents for not sticking to the rules, had been complaining about his teeth for three days before eventually being taken to the hospital, where he apparently received medical attention in the form of some painkillers.

No going back into CBB house for Ray J

The Kim Kardashian sex-tape star is now saying he is fit and ready to go back into the house, but his departure was announced on Tuesday at the end of the show, effectively ending his “CBB 2017” adventure.

Housemates not sad Ray J has left

Ray J’s time in the house was not all roses, as he had been in disputes with some of the housemates, and spent a lot of time sleeping, and also made it clear that he was not there to learn about the lives of the other housemates.

Ray J was born in McComb, Mississippi and raised in Carson, California.

He is also Snoop Dog’s cousin and is an actor, singer and songwriter in his own right, releasing four albums between 1997 and 2008. He has starred in 17 television appearances and a couple of film cameos too, including the “Enemy within” and ”Mars Attacks’.”