Busy routine, deadlines and the constant anxiety of the well-being of our loved ones leave us very little time to even think about self-love. But with the changing times and lifestyles, it has become of utmost importance that we care about ourselves and start loving ourselves and not using our inner souls as a punching bag. Below are a few techniques which if implemented on a daily basis will help us get closer to the goal of self-love and peace.

1. Let go

At times our worst enemy is our want to control our future and that is what invites a lot of stress in the present.

Let go, just let go of things that you assume to be important. Reach a meeting late, give yourself the space to do mistakes and most importantly stop contemplating about the future and the ways you can control it because frankly, you can’t.

2. Time for yourself

There will be friends, there will be family, there will be a job, and there will be a million other things which will ask for your much-deserved attention. But at times it’s good to just say no to everything else on this planet and take your time out. The timeout is your little gift to yourself, a few minutes where you are nothing but yourself.

3. Put down your guards

We all have built huge walls around our mental persona so that no one gets the luxury of hurting us.

This sooner or later takes a toll on our mental peace and that’s why at times it's good if you keep yourself vulnerable. Afraid of love because someone hurt you? Put down those judgements and be open to the idea of love; allow yourself to be vulnerable.

4. Eat good, Exercise well

It is a myth that mental health is solely dependent on our thoughts.

It is also dependent a lot on what we eat and how much we exercise to maintain a good physical mental harmony in our body. So walk the talk and eat organic healthy food and love yourself.

5. Say no to comparisons

If you closely notice your worries, a lot of them manifest out of comparisons. So, and so has got a raise but you haven’t, so and so got engaged and you still haven’t even started dating seriously and many such thoughts that clog our minds are rooted in our behaviour of comparing our lives with others around us.

If we stop comparing and focus on our own lives, we would be much happier and saner.

So the next time you feel depressed or low or feel like running away somewhere, sit back and observe if you are doing something opposite to the things mentioned above. Indulge in some self love and watch your life progress considerably.