Suriya’s "Singam 3" movie has been postponed again so if you were hoping to get to the movie house to watch it today you will be sorely disappointed. The movie that stars Suriya has been delayed at least three times even though in November, producer Malkapuram Shivakumar assured fans via India Today that it would most definitely be released on 16 December.

"Singam 3" was then postponed despite the assurances and was set to launch on December 23, the Christmas weekend which is fantastic for collections at the box office. Now they are competing with Aamir Khan’s "Dangal" but the real reason this has now been postponed again until January is the terrible aftermath of cyclone Vardha according to the Indian Express.

The "Singam 3" movie – third in the series of the hot-head police officer played by Suriya and directed by Hari was promised as a Christmas present for the December 23 weekend, but the demonetisation has hit hard, and now the cyclone seems to have put the brakes on this long awaited movie again. Now it will be launched on 26th January.

'Singam 3' – Suriya tweets release delays

There is some weariness growing and from across the world in places afar such as Indonesia, Croatia, and Western Europe, and people responding to the tweets about the rescheduling indicates a potential loss of interest in the movie which was originally believed to have good box office potential.

But Suriya has his fans and the hot and beloved actor won’t be written off in a hurry. The anticipation of the movie is high and probably even those saddened by another delay will, in fact, get to the multiplex when it does finally hit the screen.

You can watch the 'Singham 3' teaser below

Industry experts have to acknowledge that ATM and power problems from the cyclone might play some part in the reasons for the delayed release, but many of them suspect that at least some of the delays can be attributed to the fact that Suriya may not have wanted to clash with his brother, Karthi’s “Kaashmora.” On top of this, at the request of the makers of the Telugu film “Dhruva,” the push was made from 16 to 23 December.

Nevertheless, the Big Box office is touting it and despite the delays, the movie "Singam 3" is now said by IMDb to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2017.