Aamir Khan’s performance in “Dangal” the movie that looks like it will be the movie of the year 2016, is simply incredible – in that he goes from being a bit of loser who is unfit and grizzled, to a man who takes on the character needed to build his daughters into successful wrestling competitors. Judging from the reviews, if Khan had not managed to carry off the character of the failed wrestler turned triumphant father there would not be a movie.

This is not to say that the lead actresses Zaira Wasim, Sanya Malhotra and Fatima Sana Sheikh did not play their roles convincingly.

They did a very good job acting out in a convincing manner, but Khan’s performance made the movie believable – and we all want to believe that good wins out; that hope is our lifeline.

This is a story about hope, about dreams, about pulling it all together. As Khan starts to realize that he can still live the dream of getting the family name into the annals of wrestling championships, albeit through his daughters instead of a son, we are rooting for him, for the girls – for our own dreams to take flight.

'Dangal' box office overseas

"Dangal" opened in the USA on 21 December and the first figures that came in were that it made $600,000 at the US box office on the first day of the release from 335 Screens.

In India, where the Bollywood movie is set to open in theaters on 23 December, the film looks set to score high with big opening numbers. Koimoi predicted that the opening day screenings will bring a massive collection on day one.

'Dangal' US first day public response

Advance bookings show that it is very likely that movie multiplexes might have "full house" attendance for the morning shows and even the late night showings are starting to get the “filling fast” status.

In particular, in Mumbai, the "house full" boards are just about ready to show up for the first screenings. In Kolkata with ticket demand at the max, it looks like the “Dangal” Christmas weekend collections are going to carry this movie into the records.

People are calling “Dangal” the movie of the year but as reviewed on IMDb, it will go much beyond 2016 and probably will become known in future years as a classic.

This could very well be the “finest film to come out of the Hindi film industry in a long time.”