The Thursday's (December 22nd) episode of "Ishqbaaz" show ended with Tia trying to commit suicide at the Oberoi Mansion for the reason she is pregnant, and Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) is not marrying her.

Friday, December 23rd episode update

The show starts with all the members of the Oberoi family asking Shivaay how can he do this to Tia. Shivaay has no clue on how Tia became pregnant. Tia explains to him that this happened two months ago when they went on a vacation to the Panvel Farmhouse, and he was drunk.

Shivaay says he remembers everything and nothing happened that time, and he had a couple of drinks, had food and slept, that's all.

Tia's mother reacts angrily and tells him that even she saw both of them in the same room getting cozy, Shivaay doesn't agree.

Then she say's now say if you are willing to marry Tia, within a few months the news of Tia's pregnancy will spread like wildfire and people will ask questions. She asks him will you give your name to the child? Shivaay remains silent.

Oberoi family members confused.

Meanwhile, Shivaay's father Shakthi Singh also feels that Tia is lying, while his mother believes that now Shivaay and Tia should get married and they can get rid of the middle-class girl Anika (Surbhi Chandna) from their lives.

Shivaay reaches out to Tia and asks her she could have discussed this issue with him privately and what was the need to try to commit suicide.

Why did he save her from dying? She hugs him and asks him to promise that he will never abandon her and their child. At this time Anika comes into the room, Shivaay leaves.

Tia again taunts Anika that things have changed now that she is pregnant with Shivaay's child.

Anika says you are a liar; this cannot be true and you are a cheap girl. Tia says she is a low-class class girl living in someone else's house Anika says if she decides she can throw her out of the house and even from the city!

DNA Test conducted on Tia and Shivaye

The next scene shifts to Anika's room where she and Shivaay agree that Tia is lying, Shivaay has an idea of conducting a DNA Test on Tia, but don't know how to go about it. They both think on ways of exposing Tia.

At this time Shivaay's sister comes and calls them downstairs where Tia and her mom has brought the family doctor Malik to conduct a DNA Test to convince the family members that she is pregnant indeed with Shivaay's child. The episode ends.