"Dangal" is one of the most awaited movies to come out of the Walt Disney Distribution box and predictions are that this Christmas release on 23 December is going to bust the box-office. Millions of people are waiting for it to hit the big screen across India and overseas and over 40 million people have viewed the official trailer. Meanwhile, in the US the movie received great reviews after it screened on 21 December. The music is all over social media and everyone seems to want to own ‘Bapu sehat ke liye tu to hanikaarak hai.’

A movie is a movie, is a movie - as we know - but this Bollywood blockbuster-to-be “Dangal” has a two-fold advantage.

The best release time for any movie is over a Christmas holiday weekend, and the added attraction of the main star, Aamir Khan almost guarantees full-house audiences. It takes more to make a good movie than just one star, and Aamir works the set alongside award-winning actress Sakshi Tanwar, Fatima Sana the beautiful woman from the 2013 romance “Akaash Vani” and Shaikh Sanya Malhotra, the ballet dancing debut actress.

Watch the ‘Dangal’ trailer Video below

The message in the biographical sports drama movie which was directed by Nitesh Tiwari is an important one.

Women in sport is such a strong theme; throw in a mix of parenting skills, ambition, young girls in what is so often perceived to be a male sport (wrestling) and stereotyping is going to explode many issues in modern society.

‘Dangal’ the true life story

The film "Dangal" is based on the real lives of Indian wrestlers Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari who stormed the medal podium at the Commonwealth Games in 2010.

In the movie, their Dad, Mahavir Singh Phogat (played by Aamir) who never managed to become a wrestling champion vows that one day his son will achieve what he failed to do. As fate would have it, he never had a son and ended up being a father to four daughters. Two of them got into a scrap with boys and he realized that he could still live his dream – just with girls instead of boys.

There is just one day to go until the movie "Dangal" arrives on our screens like a personal Christmas present from Bollywood.