The Walking Dead may have people excited in the west, however, Kara Sevda is going ahead at full speed in Turkey; in this week's 44th episode Nihan and Kemal reignite their feelings for one another. Will they restart their relationship? Will Emir find out about their secret plans? Will the truth about Deniz be exposed? Read the episode recap to find out.

A bad week for the Kozcuoğlu family

Kemal and Nihan have determined that Ozan’s death was murder but, there is a problem; how has this information been hidden from the authorities? As Kemal decides to investigate this question further, Nihan gets the news that Müjgan, Emir's mother, has been found out.

While the separated lovers' top secret investigation progresses, Emir and Kemal’s battle grows. For Kemal, Ozan’s murder and his battle with Emir are in two separate pockets and this will cause his first conflict with Nihan. For the first time, instead of getting revenge for Kemal’s attack, Emir tries to save himself from the fire around him. The period of time beginning with Galip Kozcuoğlu’s arrest will also affect the ‘Kozcuoğlu Holding’ family business. While Emir tries to regain control all at once, Kemal has another very important piece of information in his hands. Following Kemal’s hint, Emir begins to go after the secret belonging to his mother.

Nihan and Kemal re-ignite their feelings

Kemal approaches Hakan to ask for help with Ozan’s murder. Hakan, who is stuck in the middle, is forced to give an important lesson. The game that Nihan and Kemal are going to start will expose a huge truth that Emir has been trying to hide. The two separated lovers meet up together in secret at Leyla’s house.

The feelings that come to life that night will end with Kemal questioning his upcoming marriage to Asu. On the other hand, Nihan knows that the closer she gets to Kemal, the more complicated things will become. As a result, Nihan will run away and try to avoid her feelings, but Kemal refuses to give up. As he continues to pressure Nihan, one of her secrets will come to light. For Kemal, who sees the light at the end of the tunnel, he has no other choice but to hold onto Nihan with both hands.