This young girl has so much talent, passion, and ambition. She is Amy Kinder, 16-year-old award-winning British actress and inspiration to many other people who want the same thing – to live their dreams. We had a talk with her and we found out why did this young lady got 17 acting roles in just one year!

Lots of acting roles

BN: Amy, in a period of one year you've been booked for seventeen acting roles in TV/Film. How did you manage to do this?

Amy: A lot of networking! I think it's very important to put yourself out there in a professional and presentable manner as an actor or any creative.

Having the right person see my showreel/examples of previous work has certainly opened up a lot of doors for me, which I am very grateful for. So for me, it's been a combination of putting myself out there, networking, working hard and being a bit of a perfectionist.

BN: How do you feel about going to Hollywood?

Amy: Very, very excited. There aren't many teenagers who get the chance to do what they love in such an iconic place for actors. I'm looking forward to taking in everything Hollywood has to offer while actively learning new things, improving my craft and getting to meet some extraordinary cast and crew members of the series. I have a feeling it will be an incredible experience; one I will never forget.

Best film project to date

BN: What is your best TV/film project until now and why?

Amy: All the projects I have completed have different qualities to them so I feel it's impossible to choose. I've been on sets with some extraordinary and hilarious people, I've met an incredible makeup artist whose effects were frighteningly realistic, wore costumes that were ingenious and learned so so much about the production side too.

So I'm fortunate that each project teaches me something different, in which I can add to my arsenal. I just love acting!

BN: What kind of qualities do you think teenagers need to succeed in the film business?

Amy: First of all, I would say passion. It's what fuels me and keeps me going through bad times. Without passion you don't really have a reason to do it and it's very important you enjoy your job because when you do, people will pick up on that and it creates a welcoming/family-like environment.

You need determination so you keep going no matter what until you reach your goal. Finally, I would say courage. Be courageous, be bold and be confident but most importantly always be yourself.

Balance and ambition

BN: Do you still have enough time to have a normal teenage life?

Amy: Sadly, yes (laughs). I'm about to turn 17 and still experience teenage life, no difference there. I'm always sure to balance being a teenager and work, always making sure I do both, otherwise I don't feel very productive or sociable. Though acting can be consuming, I don't think you should let it consume your whole life, so I enjoy doing lots of different hobbies too.