For those wondering how Turkey successfully overturned a coup attempt, here is food for thought:

1. Erdogan really is people's president

Moments after news of a possible coup, the Turkish president appeared on facetime. As he urged the Turkish people to take to the streets, people poured out of their homes into town squares and airports. Unarmed, the common people of Turkeyforced the army to surrender. The event has gone down in History as a testimony to Erdogan's influence as a leader.

2. Turkey has a better head of state than most of its neighbors

Yes, despite all the negative propaganda labeling Erdogan as an evil Islamist hell bent upon uprooting democracy from the country, Turkey actually has a better head of state than most of its European counterparts. While Erdogan is well known for his honesty and has lead a fierce fight against corruption, many European politicians are marred with charges of corruption and embezzlement. This has supposedly influenced the Brexit and the European parliament reported that corruption costs the EU GBP 800 billion yearly, with Romania, Bulgaria, and Croatia being the most corrupt.

While Erdogan is loved and respected by his people, most European politicians are despised and hated, to say the least.

Particularly interesting is the economic development and financial self-sufficiency that Turkey has seen. From being a poorly developed nation floating in debt, Turkey became a debt-free nationin 2013 and went from being an IMF borrower to a lender.

3. Turks are ready to sacrifice everything for the unity and well-being of their country

From the scenes that followed the failure of the July attempt to topple the government in Turkey, citizens of the country displayed unparalleled acts of bravery that bear a proof to their sense ofnational unity and love for their country.

Turkish blood seems to have remnants from its more heroic days when it ruled over half the world.

4. Turkish people value democracy and have shown civic engagement in the PKK Government

The Turks are not mute spectators to what is happening in their country. They came forth to elect Erdogan to power and will do anything to help a fairly elected government stay in power. By choosing the current democratic government over army rule they have demonstrated their eagerness for democratic values. Erdogan's government has involved people in the state's functioning and decision making. It is also significant thatErdoganpaid heedto the public's demand for reinstating thedeath penalty for those accused of the coup.

5. Turkey is one of the few Muslim countries that is really committed to upholding human rights

One of the things that sets Turkey apart from many of its Asian and Middle eastern neighbors is the rule of law and implementation of human rights laws. This has a direct impact on how the people perceive their government. Since the Turks see their country as a welfare state, they are ready to lay down their lives to maintain law and order.

6. Majority of Turkish armedforces are loyal to the current regime, hence the failed coup

Contrary to the world's expectations, a majority of Turkish forces remained loyal to the government and co-operated to bring the coup to a halt. The military, that has called itself the protector of democracy, has thus given its verdict on how democratic Turkey's current regime is.

7. Turkey is based on a stronger Religious foundation than the rest of Europe

With an Islamic history spanning seven hundred years, undoubtedly, Islam as a force unites the Turks. It provides the nation with a religious, social and spiritual framework that Europe lacks after decades of religious and spiritual bankruptcy. This helps Turkey stand united at times of crisis and tragedysuch as the recent series of bomb blasts and an attempted coup.