The Walking Dead is still the top-rated TV shows on air. The third episode delivered a strong 5.7 and 11.72 millions of viewers. This new season is characterized by the strong presence of a Series of thrilling new characters: Negan, Dwight and Ezekiel are the more prominent and interesting and they created a whole new level of craziness. But what happened in “The Cell”? What can we expect from the fourth episode which is called "Service"?

'The Cell' recap

This season’s third episode was centered on Daryl. Dealing with a huge sense of guilt in the aftermath of Glenn’s death, Daryl is heartbroken and helpless as Rick.

Negan and his gang took him to the Sanctuary. He is locked in a dark cell, where Negan and Dwight torture him by various means, trying to break him down to obedience. Dwight’s wife Sherry wisely warns Daryl about his new situation: “Whatever they say, just do it.” Dwight tries to “help” him by convincing him to join Negan and to kneel to him. Our beloved hero can not help but get himself in trouble: despite Sherry’s warning about Negan’s repercussions, he still tries to run away but he is surrounded by Saviors. As we fear for Daryl’s life, Negan decides that Lucille isn’t thirsty and leaves him to his men who take care of him. Daryl is given two opportunities by Negan to become a Savior himself, but he doesn't want to and he refuses both times.

He is locked back inside the cell, admitting to Dwight that he can't submit to him: Daryl is still not surrendering.

'Service' preview and spoilers

"Service" apparently will be another episode focused on Negan. He will arrive at Alexandria and he will try to mess even more with the group. As Rick says in the preview "there is no way out of this".

Will Lucille strike back? There are several rumours that hint at a possible new death in this fourth episode. Will Daryl bite the dust? In a few hours, we will found it out.

Have a look at "The Walking Dead" 7x04 preview below:

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