Over the past few weeks in "Yüksek Sosyete," have seen Cansu and Kerem block their feelings for each other while the distance between them grew. Kerem swore to never forgive Cansu for lying to him and vowed revenge on all those who used their wealth against him. Yet, in the last couple of episodes, we discovered that Kerem has no problem lying to Cansu himself. He grassed her father to the police and promised he had nothing to do with it. However, is the guilt of his lie too big for him to handle? Find out in the summary of episode 23 below.

Will Cansu find out Kerem’s big sacrifice?

Kerem’s weird behaviour ignites Cansu’s suspicions and she decides to follow him. However, her path leads her to a truth that she knows nothing about. Cansu finds out that Kerem has made a significant sacrifice for her and wants to repay his good deed through her own means. She repays him by using her own money to pay off Kerem's family debt - a move which enrages Begüm and Süreyya. Although this move may have had good intentions, it merely brings Kerem to a position that Süreyya aimed for. The last thing Kerem wanted is to be bailed out by the Koran family's money.

Süreyya’s only goal is to break Cansu and Kerem apart

After her own relationship with Levent came to an emotional end, Süreyya's only goal is to break up her daughter, Cansu, and Kerem’s relationship.

Cansu, who is fighting for the happiness of her mother, is baffled as to why her mother insists on fighting for her own daughter's unhappiness. At the same time, Bedia - who is struggling with her advanced cancer - must undertake a very risky operation, but it is proving tough to persuade her. Mert tries to support his grandmother without letting Ece feel that anything is wrong.

Will he be able to keep his grandmother's wishes a secret? Although Süreyya ended any possibility of a future with Levent by rejecting his proposal, Cansu gives him a surprise visit. On the other hand, Metin and Levent attack one another but this situation makes everything even more difficult for Süreyya.

You can watch episode 23 of 'Yüksek Sosyete' on Saturday, 3rd December on YouTube.