In the last episode of "Cesur ve Guzel," there was significant progress in the relationship between our two main characters. They may have tried to keep their chemistry as inconspicuous as possible, but by the end of episode three we saw all of that fade when Cesur kissed Sühan. However, it was merely a ploy to distract her while his partner-in-crime tried to leave the mansion unnoticed - unsuccessfully. What will Sühan do when she realises that, technically, the kiss was not real?

Cesur puts his revenge plan in action

Cesur vowed to never neglect his goal despite his obvious chemistry with Sühan and as such, finds himself in her house stealing back paintings that belonged to his family.

After breaking into the Korludağ mansion to take back one of the last pieces of his family's collection, Cesur is cornered and kisses Sühan to buy time. That famous ‘first kiss’ may have been a dark abyss for Cesur and a knife in the back for Sühan, however, both of them will be haunted by the feelings of that moment for a long time to come. It is a move that will most likely strengthen Sühan's suspicions about who this man is and where he has come from. Will Sühan be able to find out Cesur's real identity?

Banu makes her own plans to keep Cesur and Sühan apart

Banu has already witnessed the connection between them and feels, or rather fears, that she will lose Cesur after that first kiss; she devises her own plan to keep the two of them apart.

Will Banu’s own feelings for Cesur get in the way of his goal to get his stolen life back?

In other parts of Korludağ, Cahide takes time off from her own criminal activities to plant suspicions about Cesur in Sühan’s mind. Unfortunately, Sühan follows these suspicions through. Cesur is on his way to slowly take back his stolen life from Tahsin Korludağ.

He plans a sneaky game in order to win the trust of his biggest enemy; the winner of this game must only be Cesur. Will everything go as he has planned, or will Sühan cloud his mind once more? Find out in the latest episode of "Cesur ve Guzel."