After the premiere of the first episode a couple of weeks ago, "Cesur ve Guze"' has received the attention everyone expected. 'The Bold and the Beautiful' Turkish remake is moving along with full speed and in the second episode we saw Sühan playing detective to try and uncover Cesur's mysterious life. Find out what happened in the episode below.

The unexpected fire works in Cesur's Favour

After the dramatic events that occurred at the end of the first episode, Cesur achieves more than he could have wanted. Following the fire, Tahsin Korludağ has opened up his house to the man who saved his life and treats him like royalty; Sühan is also grateful to him for a second time.

Even in the Korludağ residence, Cesur’s personal traits are visible which leads Sühan to wonder who this mystery man is – after all, there are many things about this man that make her uncomfortable. On the one hand, she tries to understand her feelings for Bülent and on the other, she attempts to reject this impressive man’s attraction.

Sühan plays detective

Cahide is on top of her goal to turn every event in her favour and Bülent gives her a big advantage. On the other side, Cahide’s partner in crime, Hülya, crosses paths with Bülent in a surprising way. Cahide is very aware that she is playing with fire. In this secret-filled town, Adalet leads the fire right back to the past. Mihriban decides to uncover whatever is is that Tahsin and Adalet are hiding.

Without knowing she is stuck in a vortex, Sühan begins to secretly follow Cesur. She is unaware that she has followed the clues that Cesur himself has left for her. In reality, Cesur is the hunter, and Sühan the prey. He gets what he wants and, with his own control, only lets Suhan find information that he wants her to and then loses her.

However, Suhan uses her wisdom to follow his tracks and ends up at his door. This time, Cesur is the prey and Suhan, the hunter.

Life in Korludağ is certainly nothing less than dramatic. If you enjoy Turkish TV series then you may also like to watch some of these Bollywood films; they contain just as much drama.