Aside from being in the spotlight for an attempted military coup and several terrorist attacks this year, Turkey has always been famous for its high-quality TV industry. Throughout the years, multiple TV series have been bought and watched by international audiences - 'Aşk-ı Memnu', 'Adını Feriha Koydum', and 'Kara Para Aşk' are just a few examples. This year, however, it is theTV drama series,‘'Kara Sevda’, that has taken the world by storm. 'Kara Sevda' has been translated into multiple languages and dubbed on many international TV channels. The tragic love story between the main characters, Kemal (Burak Özçivit) and Nihan (Neslihan Atagül), continues to intensify as the series reaches episode fourty-two.

Find out what happens in the new episode (airing on Wednesday, 2 November) below.

Emir Has Been Following Kemal All Along

After finding out that Ozan was murdered by poisoning, Kemal’s search for the killer shockingly leads him to Nihan. However, just as Nihan is about to explain her presence, Emir, who has planned the meeting, walks into the building. Emir has been aware of Kemal’s efforts and has been following his trail all along. He purposely tells Nihan to come to Kemal’s location so that he can give her the news of Ozan’s poisoning and the reason behind it – something which shocks Kemal. Nihan becomes uncomfortable at the thought of Kemal looking into her brother’s death and tells him to leave them alone, but deep inside she has suspicions.

For her own ease of mind, she tries to find another way to speak to Kemal without Emir finding out.

Kemal Wants to Know Who Emir's Spy is

After finding out the truth behind Ozan’s poisoning, Kemal looks into the matter from an angle that Emir will not be able to account for. This takes Kemal one step further in his investigation.

Nihan is not able to stay away either and her suspicions lead her to a shocking truth about Ozan. At the same time, Kemal is certain that Emir only knows about his investigation because someone is spying on him; and uncovering who is working for Emir is his next priority.

In ot, while Asu contemplates Galip’s offer, she decides to think of another plan to look into her family.

Vildan finds Nihan’s pregnancy diary and struggles with her conscience; living with the fact that Kemal has a right to know about the diary eats away at her heart.

The War Between Kemal and Emir Wages On

Kemal takes one step further in his fight to take “everything” from Emir by creating a huge plan that involves Nihan. The plan will not only unsettle Emir and Nihan, but also change the course of everything around them. While Emir is living through a frustrating period of time, Kemal gives two people the lesson of a lifetime. Will Nihan be one of those people?