Summer holidays many people take them every year, taking time off work t o enjoy a week or two with family or friends. Since late 2015 the world has seen some incredible turmoil, the attacks on Paris, Belgium, Orlando, Nice, Turkey, Turkish coup and many many more that we don't even hear about. These are awful tragedies love ones lost for merely being just passers by, traveling to a destination and many on holiday there. It is scary, thinking you just go about your daily life and the out of no where something like that happens, many have never returned from their travels.The world is currently a sad place to be,when will these terrorist attacks end.

This shouldn't stop you from travelling, if everyone stopped travelling the tourists win, they want us to be afraid to go outside, they want us to suffer and they want to disrupt our daily lives. We can't let them win, we must move on, not be afraid of what might come next, travel and keep moving forward. This being said you should 100% take your summer vacation, pick a place your heart desires and go with it. My advice would be to maybe avoid Turkey for the moment because that could turn into a bigger problem. , but take your holiday to Spain, France, Italy or Greece. Greece is a personal favourite holiday destination, having lived there for the best part of 8 months a few years back.

Show the tourists that they aren't winning by still travelling this summer, remember to take note of the Foreign Offices country guidelines, they are the most important for insurance and incase they advise you not to travel to a specific destination, if the Foregin Office advises against travel to your holiday destination you will be entitled to a refund from the travel company.

Be smart and book with big reputable companies, holiday companies collapse all the time, (low cost holidays last week), As long as you are smart when booking your holiday you will be fine.

So in conclusion, take your summer holiday, be smart when booking it, always check the terms and conditions of cancellations and problems with the country.