H to the O to the N to the E to the Y! Honey G! Everyone loves an underdog, until the underdog becomes a threat. The underdog on everyone's lips right now is that of Honey G. The Honey G from this years X Factor who is going to "SWITCH THINGS UP!"

An underdog from the beginning?

When she first appeared on our screens during the auditions, we all inevitably thought she was going to be one of the deluded terrible acts, And she was to a certain degree. Her wooden dance moves and her rapping that belonged at the Karaoke was a sight to see. But she also had an undeniable confidence that made her stand out from the crowd.

That and her look that forced us all to ask the question "Is that David Cameron in disguise? "

When Sharron picked Honey G as one of her three acts for the live shows, Twitter went into a frenzy of outrage hitting the hash tags on how Honey G could have been chosen over such talented singers in the overs category.

However, the first live show hit our screens and everyone sat in anticipation as to what Honey G might come out with. And to our surprise, her performance was a lot stronger than anyone predicted.

Week two came and I for one wanted to watch X Factor just because of Honey G's novelty act. And again, she didn't disappoint. Even Simon Cowell, who initially didn't warm to Honey G's persona began to warm to her, calling her his "Guilty pleasure".

By the time week three had arrived members of the public, the press and even Celebrities had caught the Honey G bug. We were bombarded with photos of mothers and grandmothers that had been flying around social media of them dressed up as the infamous Honey G. The judges couldn't wait to see her performance and the viewers were now convinced she would be in the final.

So when our current underdog had clawed her way to the top of what we arguably see as an entertainment show over a talent show, she was in the headlights of becoming vulnerable. The tables were about to turn.

Week four, and one of the obvious winners Gifty was booted off the show, and Honey G was saved by the public as she wasn't even in the bottom three.

That's when things started to kick off. Boos and jeers filled the studio as Honey G took a seat of safety that would take her into week five.

With in hours, our once intriguing sitting duck was not receiving hate mail and death threats by trolls on Twitter who couldn't understand how Honey G still remained int eh competition. The fickle audience who loved her unique difference was now hated.

Whats going to happen next?

I can only predict that she will stay in the competition until the very end purely because it will give us all something to debate about. Plus Simon Cowell knows she will get people switching on every Saturday night.

No one will ever truly know if the show is fixed, but I think we have accepted X Factor has grown into a spectacle of pantomime that we cant help but get sucked into.

Honey G may be the novelty act that is hated now, but I'm sure the tables will turn yet again. And as she once quoted, "Honey G is the realist chick int he game"