The "Marvel TV series" are the best thing on television at the minute, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage are not your average superheroes. They don't wear capes, they are not invincible (Well one could possibly be), blood will be spilled and people will die.

However, it's not the fate of the free world at stake in these TV series, no infinity stones to collect, they're simply fighting gangsters, bad guys and nefarious characters, who have claimed a tiny part of New York as their own territory, territory that they refuse to give up without a fight.

There is so much beauty to behold in Netflix Marvel TV universe, including but not exclusively, the fully fleshed out nemesis to each particular hero.

Brilliant writing and characterisation

Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio), Kilgrave (David Tennant), The Punisher (Jon Beranthal). Three characters that although having pretty serious violent tendencies and sociopathic leanings are almost justified in their actions. Thanks to the brilliance of the writing and the standard of the actor playing each role, they also manageto evoke in the viewer a certain sympathy toward each villain. Sympathy for a Marvel villain? Who would have thought it?

People will die, loved ones will succumb to their perilous escapades and there's bloody bone-crunching injuries.

Take for instance Daredevil, forget Ben Affleck's unfortunate attempt at Matt Murdoch. It's all about British actor Charlie Cox. He's not six foot six, made of titanium and without regret. He's a blind, flesh and blood lawyer, from New York who happens to be skilled at martial arts.

The 'super' heroine Jessica Jones? May or may not have been the victim of sexual assault, and Luke Cage, although I haven't started watching it yet, lives a lonely life of solitude for fear of loved ones being harmed because he himself cannot.

Everything about the Marvel TV series' is grittier than its comparative glossy movie universe, and yet at the same time, all inhabit the same world.

Tv Series distinctive style

With Netflix fully backing the Marvel TV series universe, and Marvel TV studios being granted more freedom to build a universe, separate from the Marvel movies, has given each TV series the opportunity to develop a very distinctive style, far removed from the Marvel movies.

Whilst simultaneously existing in the same world that the Avengers defend.

Sure there will be crossovers (Jessica Jones and Luke Cage share a particularly rambunctious sex scene in Jessica Jones) frequent mentions of familiar characters across the series', and some episodes spend more time character building than propelling the narrative forward. But small gripes for such a fantastic trio of shows. And the amazing thing is, it's all building up to the Defenders...

Newbies and nerds alike should binge watch each one of these shows immediately.

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