Movember is here and men around the world are already getting into full swing. There are people who have been planning this for months, getting all their tools ready for growing the perfect moustache. The main aim for Movember is to raise money for charity. This is the only charity of its kind: raising money for men's health issues, including male-only cancers and mental health issues. But that doesn't mean only men can get involved. Movember is more than just growing a moustache. Here are three ways that everyone can get involved with this 30 day event.

Go meatless for Movember

Some Vancouver food bloggers have decided to do a slight twist on the month-long tradition. As well as putting down their razors, they've put down the meat cleavers. They're going meatless for 30 days, and this isn't going to be easy for them all. They're not cutting out all animal products, but will be following a vegetarian lifestyle for a short period.

You can do it too. Avoiding meat for a month has proven to offer some health benefits. Those who give money to charity like to see people going out of their way to make life harder for them. This could be the perfect option for you.

Buy and sell moustache themed jewellery

There are now many ways to raise money, and that includes through your shopping habits.

While some stores are making use of poppy season to raise money for the British Legion, others are making use of the moustache to create Movember-themed merchandise. You can quickly do your bit by buying something from a trusted seller giving to the cause.

If you want to take things a little further, you could opt for selling your own moustach related merchandise.

This could take a bit of planning now, so you may want to keep this in mind for next year.

Create a Movember collage

You or your partner could take snaps of the moustache throughout the month.

Do it once a day for the full 30 day period and then put a collage together at the very end. There are apps available that will let you do this, or you could pop all the photos on your computer at the end and make your own. People will be interested to see how you did for the month, and this is an excellent and quick way to show them.

It's time to get into Movember this year, but that doesn't mean you have to grow your own moustache. If you do, make sure you get daily snaps. Otherwise, find ways to raise money or buy Movember-inspired merchandise to make sure your money goes to good use.